June patch repair in ALL the HS stations


  • Repair Services will now be available at all high sec stations.

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Meh. Didnt really realize it wasnt available at all stations. There are so many citadels out there now, its hard not to be able to repair your stuff.

Yep, I can’t remember the last time I payed ISK for a repair service. I have no clue how this can make it to a devs backlog. I hope this didn’t take more effort than switching a flag.

Is it free now or still have to pay millions to repair t2 turrets and plates?

It’s never free in NPC stations.

With player owned stations, players basically pay for repair by paying for the station. So it’s not free for citadel repairs either.

Although it doesn’t really matter to most players, it would be cool to see how much ISK we save when using free repair services.

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