Repair Only the Ship

Why is it not possible to repair only a ship in an NPC station? Right clicking the ship and then ordering a repair gives the error message “modules cannot be partially repaired. If you want to repair this module you have to repair it completely” when the ship has damaged modules.

Ehm… but you can actually repair only what you select ? And also select what to repair and what not.

Check the following: you have nuff isk to repair the whole ship and/or all its mods and drones. You are selecting the ship in question, right clicking the ship hull in the list and selecting “repair”. The damaged mods are not crystals and/or charges. If the ship has damaged mods, make sure you are trying to repair it whole, like said: cannot repair heat damaged mods partially.

And if everything fails, try repairing the mods with nano paste, if you still get the error, pls submit a ticket and/or list the issue in the bugs forums section.

No if you select the ship, it tires to fix all the modules.

Don’t be lazy just undock it and sponge a free repair from a player owned station.

This could be you


To repair only ship: remove all damaged modules and select repair.
Put modules back on repaired ship.

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The repair shops in all these stations are shameless profiteers. They insist on fixing everything (and charging for it) or they won’t even tow it into the repair bay.

What can you do?

Tether to a player’s manufacture station and it will repair your ship for free :grinning:

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No such structure exists in Eve.

NPC stations, Player Owned Citadels, and Control Towers. There used to be Outposts, but they gone now :frowning:

Ice acid should know better, but @Fifie_Brindacier ill remind you too.

The word “station” is now exclusive to npc.

If you are referring to a player built building, “structure” is the correct term to use. That way its easy to distinguish.

Structure = player built
Station = npc

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Hellooo forum

[quote=“Geo Eclipse Oksaras, post:9, topic:392339, username:Geo_Eclipse_Oksaras”]
If you are referring to a player built building, “structure” is the correct term to use. That way its easy to distinguish.

Thank you :blush: I couldn’t remember the term or the name of the structure. I was going on 30 hours without sleep or I would have thought of looking it up. I wanted to write “Raitaru” or Engineering Complex.
“Structure” is such a generic term for any construction in space, at least in the sci-fi I’m familiar with. Thanks for setting the record straight :grinning:

Fifie sleep long time

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The very first time I was ever scammed via contract hauling was to deliver goods to a player owned Minmatar station that was locked. Could have even been a faction station like described here.

@Geo_Eclipse_Oksaras Yes I should have checked first before accepting the contract.


That is NPC owned.

Player owned stations were the old conquerable Stations that looked like NPC stations, they are now faction Fortizars (a Citadel). Also, the Eggs of the past were never stations, they were Outposts, and are now faction Forts as well.


Make the Drake a Self Repairing Hull

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