Just A Thought to make EVE more enjoyable for newbs

(Linus Gorp) #21

No, they don’t. There is no direct correlation between people buying PLEX with $ and people consuming PLEX for game time.

(Markus Jameson) #22

I need you to clarify what you’re saying before I can respond? no they don’t want people to be able to PLEX using an alpha or no they don’t get more money by people subbing using PLEX bought in-game than if they just pay them cash?

(Linus Gorp) #23

One person buying PLEX with ISK isn’t going to result in another person buying PLEX with $, hence no extra cash for CCP.

You have group A, the people buying PLEX for $, and then you have group B, the people consuming PLEX for game time. Adding another consumer to group B isn’t going to add another provider to group A.

(Markus Jameson) #24

Oh for crying out loud, it’s some very simple math, go away & do it again then correct yourself when you have :slight_smile:


Actually it often does.

Adding an extra consumer to group B increases demand… which tends to increase price, increased price / profits encourages more people to become providers or existing providers to up their supply.

And even when it doesn’t add a provider to group A all by itself it creates room for other factors to expand the population of group A so still a win.

(Linus Gorp) #25

You have simplified it to a level where it doesn’t make any sense anymore. You can’t just take variables out of the equation simply because a) you don’t like them or b) you’re incapable of figuring out that they’re there in the first place.

(Markus Jameson) #26

Wrong, wrong, wrong, you are simply ignoring or haven’t noticed… facts :slight_smile:

Would you like me to lay the math out for you, again (“again” because it’s been done to death on these forums several times before for those who can’t count).

(Linus Gorp) #27

No, you just don’t understand economics 101. You can’t think beyond 1+1=2 and also can’t comprehend what I’m telling you.

(Markus Jameson) #28

OK I’ll lay it out for you in simple language then :slight_smile:

At current (UK) prices charged by CCP.

If there are 2 people & both buy game time with money CCP get £19.98

If there are 2 people & one buys game time plus 500 PLEX which he sells in game to the other who uses it to pay for game time CCP get £26.98

(Arcanith Lionheart) #29

IMO game needs to go back to P2P then all the complainers will just shut up as they enjoy 10 days of Trial (a few more through a code you find on some youtube video) and nothing more.

With this logic since I used to like World of Warcraft I could go to there and complain “Hey lvl 20 is not enough for F2P let us have more free stuff, like, up to lvl 90 or 100”

People nowadays are just not happy with what they have, “Ooooh I want bigger I want bigger stuff!” Yeah what good will it do? You will just blow it up and realise “Ohhhh T1 isn’t enough we now want T2 cause L4 missions are too hard!”

How do you think vets are, the Omega ones, that have been around for years and still fly frigates?

Reason it has its limits is for people to try it out, see how it feels, you know what you get by subbing, this is a SUB BASED GAME after all with a limited F2P model. If you like what you see, Sub, good on ya, or you can work quite hard to not pay a dime which is something to respect for, or just quit altogether because “free things are not enough” to have fun in a game that feels like a job that doesn’t pay you anyway.

(Linus Gorp) #30

The person buying PLEX with $ for ISK would have bought those PLEX anyway because he buys them to get ISK.

But thanks for pointing out that you really can’t comprehend or think beyond 1+1=2. You should just keep quiet and leave the thinking part to the people smarter than you.

(Lo Wang69) #31

Guys… no need to get all in each others face.

My original thought is just that the current free play is not enough to keep people hooked. That’s why my suggestion is to allow at least T1 stuff.

For example if at least Alphas could use heavy drones and heavy guns they can be useful. Currently not so much.

(Arcanith Lionheart) #32

Bigger =/= Better. Get it straight.

If you like the game, Sub, the F2P model is not here to give you more things to do, but to give you a Taste of the game, if you want more free things to do in a game my only recommendation is to look onto another game, the F2P business model does not work by letting F2P players get what they want, they want to entice players into subbing with all the benefits as well as for less dolla directly from that Alpha than for more with a player that buys PLEX to sell it for Isk.

Now you could ask “But if they get more money with PLEX why won’t they do it then?” Because PLEX is a thing people buy to get ISK, eventually there comes a point people stop buying PLEX because their wallets are full or just stop buying it due to other reasons, unlikely to happen, but they need the model like this in case it happens.

(Markus Jameson) #33

You really are either a bit dumb or you have some sort of meta you’re working on :smile:

  1. PLEX has no other utility or use in-game other than to pay for game time.

  2. Without that function it is worthless & no one will buy it because it has no value to the person with ISK who wants game time.

  3. If it has no value to the person with ISK who wants game-time it ultimately has no value to the person with money who wants ISK.

It really doesn’t matter if the PLEX is used by the first person to buy it or how long it circulates before it is used, the eventual net end result is still the same for CCP.

Where was it you learned economics again, I want to make sure I never send my kids there (if I ever have any) :wink:

(Scipio Artelius) #34

No, she’s right.

If you buy PLEX, do you buy it because you have a need, or because someone else has a need for it?

ie. Almost exclusively, it’s reasonable to conclude that we buy PLEX for our own purposes. If that’s the case, then people who buy PLEX for their own purpose would have done so anyway. We aren’t motivated by the need of someone else. We are motivated by our own needs.

The only difference in the demand, is ultimately the price that it sells for in game for ISK.

Hence, in $ terms, CCP receive the same amount they would have anyway, since the needs of people who buy PLEX for $ are independent of those that buy it for ISK.

(Markus Jameson) #35

No she’s wrong :slight_smile:


Yes, but don’t forget what that need is, ISK, if they can’t sell it for ISK they won’t buy it for cash.

Accept of course indirectly, if you want money you provide a service or product for payment.

But what product or service you provide 100% is influenced by other peoples needs, what they want & will pay for (their needs) will factor very heavily in your decision on what the product or service will be.

Which if it didn’t have any utility or use to pay for game time would be 0.0 ISK, or 0.01 ISK for novelty value.


Correctly pointed out below that I’m behind the times & it now has all the utility of the old aurum added in (skill extractors & skins etc).

It’s value would still be vastly depreciated without it’s use for game time & I feel that in practical terms it has no real in-game resale for ISK value other than as game time, I think few alphas will waste ISK on vanity items like skins that could otherwise be turned to game time.

(Drago Shouna) #36

The special snowflakes would rather melt in hell than accept that they can’t have more and more for free.

Threads like this are popping up all over and they all say the same thing, gimme, gimme, gimme, but won’t offer anything in return…like a sub for instance…

(Linus Gorp) #37

MCT, Skins, skill extractors. Do you even think one bit before posting?

I’m not going to bother reading the rest of your post. You’ve proven to not be worth the effort.

(Markus Jameson) #38

True, I should have only said it’s the biggest factor in it’s value, still a bit behind the times there :slight_smile:

And you’ve proven to be really quite silly, but I’ll still read your posts anyway, if only to point out when you say something stupid :smile:

(Scipio Artelius) #39

Yeah, I don’t believe that.

I think that’s an easy thing to say, but at the end of the day, if we have no need for PLEX, we don’t buy. If we have a need, we buy. There isn’t at its core, an altruistic I’ll buy PLEX now even though I don’t need it, because someone else could benefit from me spending my money.

That others have a need is great and I agree that the timing of a PLEX purchase for ISK will be influenced by the price, but just buying PLEX for the sake of someone else is difficult to believe.

(Brochan McLeod) #40

I have just come back to this game after a long time and are currently playing F2P on a seperate account.

For what it’s worth i will share my reasoning for doing this, so it may shed a sparkle more light on the issue.

Of course this is all my personal feelings and may differ from anyone elses.

What i like about this game:

  • The ‘Blade Runner’ -ish feel (original movie) that i now also find in the Netflix series “The Expanse”.
  • Pottering about in a PvE environment. Gathering, Making, selling, etc… on a very basic level.
  • Killing NPC bad guys when i get the feel.
  • The shere vastness of the whole.

Why I left this game:

  • The gloomy atmosphere, the grey-ish darkness and absence of (virtual) blue skies and growing green stuff. I know its also part of the reason i like this game but at some point the scales tip and it puts me in a constant gloomy mood.

  • The constant paranoia of having to watch your back. I was once shot and blown up in the blink of an eye, without any apparent warning. I jumped a meter from my chair.

  • My thorough dislike for PvP.

  • The fact i had to pay a monthly sub.

Why i am not going to pay for this game in the future, no matter what:

I can now get my kicks (the reasons i like this game) for free. I can now stop playing whenever my mood starts to suffer and don’t have to feel regret for paying real money for it.

Have fun analyzing thát mess :wink: