Just bought the Black Ops pack, hate me


I never block or report anyone, so I feel that this is fundamentally unfair to me, as she doesn’t have the secret shrine or the crusty body pillow with a low-res image of your avatar and a hole where the mouth should be.

Easy there chief, don’t wear out that report button so quickly, lmao.

I mean, it’s a fairly clever scam you’re running here. You’re responsible for like 75% of the instigation that happens on this forum, and then you expertly say something like “I won’t be going off-topic” after doing exactly that by snapping at some heels with completely irrelevant troll bait. And the mods aren’t competent and/or experienced enough to understand what’s going on, ending up punishing those who respond to you while viewing you as the hero. It’s pretty impressive, actually.


I solved that problem. I muted him and my friends did too. As far as we’re concerned, he can talk to the wall because the results are the same now.
The more you answer him the more he’ll come back with idiotic notions and accusations of things he’s doing…
Save yourself time and effort. Block him like we did.


Does all contents of this pack goes to inventory?

I want omega and MCT apply to one account but all other pieces of pack - to another.

Been a while since I’ve bought a Pack, I believe the Omega sub and MCT are automatically activated on the account and the PLEX is automatically placed in the account’s Vault. All other items, Cerebral Accelerator, Skill Points, Ship Skins and Apparel Items are put in the account’s redeem queue.

I stopped buying packs that had MCT included when they stopped providing the tokens and instead applied it automatically to your account.

Let me know when you do the “quitting EVE Im a paying customer” post.


I wonder what proportion of people who bought the pack have ever used a black-ops in PVP?

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Buy them with ISK off the market, you space poor hobo!

They’ll only be released again 2 months down the line for 10 Plex in the nex store sending the price of em crashing from Bn’s to Mn’s.

Collecting eve skins is like collecting black desert sand in your hands.

Weird flex but OK.