Just came back, again, and I'm super annoyed

You can do other things. They are now officially a gateway drug. You can’t do level 4’s in a corvette either.

Oh look, I can’t launch bombs in hisec, do hisec anoms in a super or set up progressive market gardening enterprises on unpopulated moons.

Seriously, fml.

No, you suck. You suck level at level 3s too.


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Good riddance.

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…and it’s off again. After like, what, 10 minutes?
I hazard guess saying you’ve spend more time on posting this than it took you to rage-quit, again.

When you played “for years” you had to resub to even be able to log in, and after you did you had access to everything including your level 4 missions. So: resub (just like you always have) and enjoy the lvl 4’s.

Nothing has changed.


If you have the resources for a Machariel, then the Abyss could be for you, if you are not ready to sub. Maybe a 500mil isk gila fit, and start out Tier 1 till you are comfortable, then move up a Tier. Tier 2 doesn’t make great isk, but it’s not bad either, especially if you have MWD fit and grab all the caches. Higher tiers you will need more and more bling, implants, and drugs, but there are guides for that, although at the highest levels you may want to consider going omega for better ships and skills. Additionally, the content fits nicely into <20min chunks.

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You know you can fleet with others to do lvl4 and lvl5 missions.

Why not found like minded players and fleet with them

I do it, have alphas flying in fleet.

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Maybe we can get “bitter vet” rates that are subsidized by the number of useful posts we make on the forums.

Make five useful posts on the forums each day, and you get to play free, mostly.
Somewhere between Alpha and Omega.

I’d end up paying money to CCP just to be allowed to keep posting on the forums. :stuck_out_tongue:


Oh wait…
That’s how it used to be.


Oh, it’s another “equal rights for Free to play people” thread. You realize that CCP needs to pay for employees and company overhead right? Also, alpha clones are a plague on this game that should never have been implemented in the way they were.

You can either purchase PLEX with in game currency or pay for a subscription. And there are plenty of ways for alphas to earn large amounts of isk, too many in my opinion.

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I would have worded this differently:
… I’ll guarantee you’ll be content.



in a state of peaceful happiness.

“he seemed more content, less bitter”

synonyms: contented, satisfied, pleased;

Aw thats nice :slight_smile:


:laughing: Such a funny word being able to be adjective, verb and noun, but it was the noun I had in mind.


No, we didnt miss the point.

Your train of thought seems to be:

  1. I understand that i am locked out of Level 4 missions because F2P needs some restrictions.

  2. I can fly a battleship.

  3. The only possible thing that anyone can do with a battleship is to run missions.

  4. Herp derp, Meaningless to play this game because my brain hurts now. I are go back to Hello kitty Island Adventure, new colour of pillows has just be released.





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