Just for me

I’m -10 and I create content. Keep your fingers in your pants and read on before ya start typin’.

While it’s kind’a fun bein’ outside all the time, it’s also ■■■■■■■ boring ‘cause 99% of the people in highsec just don’t give a ■■■■ about tryin’ to kick me off grid.
Kudos to everyone who tried though. Kudos to everyone who caught me without just relyin’ on a point, too. Kudos for the seriously creative who spend half an hour waitin’ cloaked on one of my bookmarked spots just so they can catch me. Ya deserved the money you got. Everyone who manages to catch me receives ten million isk or more dependin’ on effort, and whoever manages to pod me receives an additional ten million isk.

Now on to the point:

Highsec’s filled with peeps who don’t give a ■■■■. I want them to fuckin’ engage me, so we can have some fun. Most people on the forums are just hot air and I want every single one of those lamers to come at me, and here’s what I want you, CCP, to do for me.

Make me, just me, all flashy and visible on every single ■■■■■■■ overview of every single ■■■■■■■ pilot in the current system as soon as my undock/jump invul stops.

I don’t need anythin’ else. I can take care of dealin’ with ‘em just fine and my reward system works all by itself. The only real problem i’m havin’ is that you guys at CCP managed to kill most highsec activity and most people ain’t talkin’ in local, which is fuckin’ crippling as it means less interactions and less people talkin’ ■■■■ outside of tradehubs.

I’m askin’ for more danger for me, personally, which’ll translate into more content for every single ass i’m goin’ to whoop one way or another. I ain’t askin’ for nerfs, ain’t askin’ for free stuff, ain’t askin’ for protection. ■■■■ no. I’m askin’ for danger and fun. For content for everyone.

And to the slow guys who’re gonna tell me to go to lowsec: low’s even worse. ■■■■ that boring desert.


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Just sit in Jita or Amarr on the undock. Or “autopilot” between the two hubs

Besides, the reason why no one engages you is because, for one, people do not care about you, but people who would give a screw about you don’t engage you because experience has been teaching them that those flashy targets are traps and those flashy people will just reship on an alt to a ship that will kill you. So, yeah, you spoiled the fun for yourself by doing what you are doing. :wink:

Learn from Market Tycoon: Be honorable and don’t pull dirty tricks when someone engages you and people will over time dumpster on your ships and accept your duels.

i hope for thought out responses from people who don’t need to edit their posts three times 'cause the first time they’ve posted was just a brainless, thoughtless, stupid three word kneejerk reaction. Kthxdie, mates.

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i edit often because my typing is bad and my english is not that good … so pardon me

ok back to the topic
why you think i (or someone) should attack you?
is this important? do i make real isk with it? 10 mill is nice but i make more in HS exploration so its not really interessting
usually all this flashy guys are traps … friends jump in and kill a good fight

you are -10 so you are the really bad guy or just shot on pocos or stations in LS to get a bad boys image … i am not impressed … sorry
why should anyone be?

if you want so scam guys post in jita local like anyone else
dont spam my overview with your presents

hmm yea … its only scams and trash if someone writes so: what for?

if you want to get fights go to faction warefare space … you allways get killed there if you try but i dont see something spacial in you and your idea so … i am really sorry

if this is your char you talking about its bit wired . .you have only cheap kills on it … ok i am not into pvp but good pvp guys killboards look different than yours
only killed T1 stuff … frigs and smaller

the more i write the more i think this thread is a joke or just trolling
not sure


YEA i edited the post!! just to enter this :wink:

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@z0rberg if you really want to air your ideas, please make it ideas that actually improve gameplay and not just for your own personal amusement. As your Security Status is already -10 you already have your wish.

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