Just got killed in lowsec, how do I get my wreck back?

Someone just killed me in lowsec while I was mining, but I forgot to save the location of my wreck, is it possible to find my wreck again?

Only if the site you were in is still warpable, like a belt or green mining site. Wrecks can’t be probed. But likely your wreck is already plundered anyway by the player who killed you.

… also I see the question is 2h old, wrecks last only about 2h in space.

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Well, returning to your wreck means returning to your killers, too. They definintely will appreciate to kill you twice, so prepare for a nice chat, you might get some advice and perhaps ISK.

Me who doesn’t even know how to open the bookmark window…

Bookmark location: Ctrl + B (Caution: it picks the spot you are at when you hit enter).
Bookmark anything in your overview: rightclick on entry → choose “Bookmark”
Find bookmark in space: rightclick into empty space, on the bottom you’ll find all your bookmarks in that system.

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As others have mentioned, you’ll likely not find your wreck again as it will have either been looted by other players or despawned.

For future reference, there is another way to find the wreck and that is your drones. Even if you can’t probe your wreck, there is the possibility that your drones will still be there. You can combat probe drones so if you find your lost drones you will also find your wreck (if it hasn’t despawned).

okay for it, thx. I can finally make safe spots

I will tell you right now, as a scum bag pirate.

You won’t get your wreck or dropped fittings back. I will loot it, and what doesn’t fit in my hold, I destroy.

Sorry buddy. Dem the rules of low sec shenanigans.


Yes, that’s probably what happened to my wreck lol

I actually did ask him why he killed me, he just said he was bored and acted like it was my fault. I guess you can’t except everyone to be nice.

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Was it?

You are aware of the risks of venturing into low sec?

True, I’m new to EVE so I didn’t really understand how lowsec really works.

Would you like an explanation?

yes please

High sec, low sec and null sec.

To understand low sec, it’s important to understand the mechanics behind high sec.

High sec, is space that has a security status of 1.0 to 0.5. High sec is NOT safe space. It simply means that any unlawful aggression caused by a capsuleer has a consequence. Once they fire upon or use an aggressive module upon another player, their ship is locked onto grid and cannot warp away. Then CONCORD shows up and blows up their ship. You cannot escape. Period.

The time it takes for CONCORD to arrive is dependent on the security status of the system.

About 3 or so seconds for 1.0 space to about 20 seconds for 0.5.

Also, high sec has the added mechanic that anyone with a personal security status of -5.0 or below will he chased and harassed by faction police.

High sec also has the most convoluted crime and punishment system making it very easy to bait new, or inexperienced players into making an unlawful act against a fellow player and thus, getting themselves CONCORDED. I highly recommend you go to EVE University - EVE University Wiki and read up on crime and punishment, security status and related articles so you don’t get baited.

Low sec.
Systems with a security status of 0.4 to 0.1

Remove CONCORD and the faction police. This means that players can make unlawful acts of aggression against other players without the game interfering. The player can attack, and warp off with no police (CONCORD) coming in to deliver justice. The player will still take a hit to security status, but in low sec, personal security status doesn’t mean anything as there is no faction police to harass you.

This makes this space a haven for people who want to have low personal security status (pirates and such)

However, gate and station guns will fire upon you if you make an unlawful attempt against another player while in their presence. But if you warp off and come back, they forget that you did something illegal in their presence.

Null sec.
Systems with a security status of 0.0 and lower.

No police. No concord. Nothing is considered unlawful. No hits to personal security status when another player attacks another. But, as strange as this sounds, it’s probably more safe than high sec. This is because player alliances look out for their members and will typically hunt down and exterminate any outsiders with extreme prejudice.

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Here’s a simple way to look at it:

When you spawn in Fortnite, do the other players come and say hi to you or do they hurt you bad?

What is this fortnight?

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It’s a battle royale game.

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