Just looking at the battleships and the tier 3 battleships have no tech 2 so it made me wonder

So looking at the black ops and marauder class ships to find out what makes those tech 2 of tech 1 ships so specialised and its how they are employed in the game but what possible role could the 3rd tier have.

Well because the marauder use’s a similar mods to the dreadnought clearly it is designed to sacrifice movement for more damage and defence becoming an entry level for the dreadnought class of ship.

Well because the black ops use’s a similar style of jumping groups of ships resorting to shock and awe tactics to that of a titan resorting to group play and co-ordination it would most likely be entry level to becoming a titan class of ship.

So that would leave the third battleship tech 2 to become an entry level for carrier sacrificing a number of high points and replacing its drone bay with a fighter bay due to fighter drones reworked maybe giving them the means to carry a low amount of fighter drones to be a entry level for carrier class of ship.

Also looking at there designs it looks as if they would be able to carry fighter drones even if its a low squadron but hey i am merely spit balling an idea here.

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I mean a Tech 4 Abaddon existed at one point. On multiple occasions it was able to destroy entire fleets (some composed mainly of capital ships) in one shot. Might be a bit overpowered.

For some reason, the idea that T2 battleships are training-wheels platforms to facilitate the transition to capital ships, as well as the concept of a drone/fighter-based Abaddon hull, is kind of depressing.

I wouldn’t say training wheels per say rather test the waters you don’t want to spend years of training into skills to get into a capital ship only to find its not your cup of tea when you can train to fly a tech 2 battleship under that find out you enjoy it then push to the capital ship.

Also having x of these battleships of the same would equal that of a capital ship so in fleet vs fleet having x battleships could stand up to a capital ship equal to it.


Hm…that’s fair enough.

Pirate Marauder Abaddon.

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:open_mouth: Pirate…Marauder…Abaddon…

It’s…it’s beautiful…


188d15h is not several years.

Idea has been proposed a bunch of times in only slightly varying forms, either CCP is working on it or it isnt going to happen. Either way this post really doesnt need to be made.

I suggested this a long time ago.

I think they should be made into giant bombs that people would ram into capitals to destroy them.


CCp is to focused on makeing more skins, that you can only see close up rather then makeing more ships

would be stella to see a T2 lineup for rokh,abaddon,maelstrom and hyp tho

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