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tl:dr - There was no real point to this post, I just wanted to get thoughts out on virtual paper

I have won eve on my main account for the last few weeks, my second omega account will be winning the game in 15 days. I have been trying to sell off most of my assets in order to raise funds for a possible comeback at some point.

My intention was to sell all the stuff, take a month off then come back as an Alpha to see what fun could be had around small to medium group PVP, and to limit burnout just jump online a couple nights a week or when pings went out from my corp/alliance for form ups

However in this interim period where I am not really playing the game (just logging in to sell mostly ships, BPOs, and general junk that I have accumulated I no longer feel that addictive pull that eve gave me back in the day, even the this is eve trailer from years back which used to get me all hyped up for the game is not having the same effect as it used to.

Over the last few years I’ve spent most of my time doing PVE content, be that level 4 missions in high sec and null sec, exploration, industry (until THOSE changes) and even some solo PVP, and each month, although I stayed subbed, and although I logged in my interest levels dropped and dropped until one day when my account for my 175m SP main expired I decided not to bother. I think the key thing here is that a lot of this is solo, and to the point where I rarely bothered even getting on comms.

I think this is/was my error. I believe that eve is a social game and to get the best out of it most people should find a group that you enjoy being with, have a laugh with and like to do things with (this isn’t rocket science and has been said for years).

I don’t know if this is the end of my eve journey or just a start of a new chapter, that remains to be seen but if/when I do come back I personally want to leave most of the PVE stuff alone as that makes eve like a job and just have some fun in the game, and do something a bit different, although what that different would be I don’t know.

There was no real point to this post, but just something I wanted to get down on virtual paper, i was going to post this in My Eve but from the description that seemed to be for cotnent creators, apologies if in the wrong section


I’m not surprised to see that a game that once grabbed your attention isn’t doing so anymore, I know it happens to me often with games.

Sounds like it’s time to take a break!

Find another game that grabs your attention or another hobby to spend your time. And eventually when your mind wanders off to EVE it’s time to play again. :smiley:

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You are not the only one doing a bit of soul searching the past year or so when it comes to EVE. I, too, am having this internal debate of “is my time in EVE enjoyable enough?”. I also have the same issue with the lack of social interaction in game. I know and interact with players based in my constellation, but have refrained from joining fleet coms after one too many people under the influence made the experience less than satisfactory.
Guess the onus is on me and not CCP to find enjoyment in the game, but recent changes by the devs have seemed to narrow my options instead of expanding them. However, it’s probably due to what I personally enjoy and comfort levels. I’ll stick it out for a bit more, perhaps downgrade to alpha if I find myself ignoring the game for some time. Won’t give away or sell my possessions, just let them lie dormant in an NPC station…and hope that CCP doesn’t change the rules regarding them.


Suicide ganking .

Jump through a wormhole that’s going critical, let yourself be locked in, don’t look back and see what the journey brings. With probes of course.

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@Buoytender_Bob hope it pans out for you.

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