Justifying the Price change

So look at this:
The Purchasing power of USD went down in the last years:

Now that the price of omega is at 20$ they will earn the same amount of purchasing power and we will pay the same amount of purchasing power as we did a few years ago??

Why mad?
They employes also need food and so on.

And now you will say:
“The Devs dont do anything”

I agree on that but i think the reason for nothing coming out for the last 2 years was CORONA.

Now that alot of countries are going back to normal they will hopefully produce content again.

Fly safe o7


Yeah, one benefit of being pegged to Gold is it puts limits on government, that IS kind of important, as we’re finding out.

Bet you wish you had some of this shiney metal

can you like give me a 1kg or so???

Got a time machine?

Note the date of trajectory change.

1971, Nixon.


In the school i go theres a boy hes 13 he has a little brother who is 11 and they are IDENTICAL i think when the older one of the got 2 he cloned himself so he would have a little brother.
Yeah and thats very possible he did that bcs hes a genius he has a ■■■■■■■ 62/60 points on his latin exam and is in the math class for the 15 year olds…

Currently everyone in my class is suspecting he and his clone are planning to build a timemachine.
Il ask him tomorrow if he can give me the blueprints.

It’s reasonable to suggest that part of the reason EvE has so little fresh content, and so little improvement to existing quality of life issues and bugs, is that CCP has been limping along on an inadequate budget. Maybe this is all just a mean spirited SCROOGE MCDUCK cash grab by villian Jita scammer HILMAR THE GREEDY, but maybe it’s just a very reasonable price adjustment and people should probably stop crying so much about everything (because it makes me embarrassed to be part of the same community).

Remember, EvE is free to play. You don’t have to buy PLEX.



People worked from home, that’s the joy of digital work, you can do it from anywhere.


Ok, if the can show me that they will increase every salary of every employee at the same percentage they increased the sub then all is fine and we can just say it’s because fiat money is ■■■■.

:+1: And we have a bullseye.

Ok. That earned you one free gank of me.

Salaries, in the whole, only increase when a job can’t be filled and the bid for possible employees has to go up. This does not apply to all individual situations, such as for the bosses girl friend, but in the whole. The cost of living probably always rises before the necessary pay for it. The pain has to ripple up.

Right now the people I know who rent are having their costs go up too much for many of them. The RIGHT answer would be to build more rentable units, but the cost of construction is rising too quickly also. At this point, if you’re not looking for another job at better pay, you’re not doing for yourself or others the best.

The flow of history is a really awful, rickety rollercoaster with sections that suck so badly that people get thrown off.

But OMG!! Eve Online!!!

I love how people act like CCP’s only expense as a business is employees.

Realistically, yes, it is a big expense, it isn’t the only one. CCP have to pay for real estate (multiple units), utilities, equipment and all sorts of other goodies. All of these things have gotten more expensive in recent years, heck, just look at the cost of new computer hardware over the last two years.

Don’t get me wrong, the price increase sucks, and it will definitely push people away some by choice and others by necessity - but let’s be honest, no price increase to the sub since I started playing 15 odd years ago, Eve may well be the only thing that I pay for today that costs the same as it did back then.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to work out if I can increase the skyrocketing cost of electricity, or if I’m going to have a colder day today.


They live on a volcano, and it’s constantly expanding to infinity. They will never run out of land, so long as the lava flows.

Quite the opposite here in Tampa. We’re entering in the hell-is-next-door part of the year. My wife will trade me in on a better model if the air conditioner isn’t running.

My version of the “when I was young” story is that only the rich folk had air conditioning when I was a kid. We had fans, jalousie windows, shady shrubbery.

Which begs the question of electricity for them. Lava + water → steam → turbine → electricity.

Ok. Now I just have to ddg that:


Remember their servers are in London :wink: - Now check out the picture below:

source: https://commonslibrary.parliament.uk/research-briefings/cbp-9491/

Granted this is for residential power prices, and they may well get a high user discount for their server farm. But those prices will most certainly have gone up as well.

As for living on a Volcano and therefore having a constantly expanding land, I so wish that worked in my corner of the world. Perhaps we need ours to go boom more often :wink:

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The price increase does suck. I kind of get it, I’ll still grumble anyway.

By the way, dunno if you all can see this like if it’s region based or something, but there’s an Omega 30 days sale right now, $10.47

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Oh, I’m grumpy too. Exchange rates being what they are will cost me ~$8/month/account, so it sucks. But I do like to show the other potential side of the argument as well.

Back to your question, yes, there is a discount at the moment, IIRC it went live just before the price announcement.

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