Kaalakiota Peaks archeological find

Ishukone confirmed the discovery of archeological findings in the Kaalakiota range, where they are continuing the clean-up from the fall of the Shiigeru. I think it’s fair to say many of us wonder what’s been found, and what light it sheds on the ancient history of the Caldari people.

Here’s to hoping that the discoveries weren’t too badly damaged by the Shiigeru! Or perhaps the impact unearthed it, or cracked it open?


Now this is fascinating!

Which of course explains why Scope would bury it under a story about the third scary invasive enigma monsters from the second heretofore unknown kind of space in four years, led - naturally - by a frightening masked man…

I do regret that authorities nixed my plan to solve the burning Shiigeru hulk with giant metal eating mushrooms; but the fungus is doing quite well, thank you for asking. As for the facility, well, there were some not entirely foreseen developments while I was pressed between diamond and hydrogen, including the escape of a few problematic Sebbies…

… er, what is the legal status of Caldari Prime, now, anyway?

Is it still ruled by the Gallidoodles?

If so, I am confident the Federation will prioritize release of information related to the original settlement of our cluster by, you know, the original scary enigmatic progenitor civilization (which I am old enough to remember used to show up among the fifty or sixty helpfully categorized HUD checkboxes). Now that I think of it, that ruins the numerology of my pervious assessment - though four is also a mystical number. As is five, and then of course six, and we mustn’t forget seven. Eight, of course it goes without saying, the elements squared and offset; then three of three (if not as sexy as seven of nine). Ten… hmm… I’m not sure ten is a mystical number. It is much too useful for practical things.


Hey now! I like tens! Tens are good numbers.

Also, a narrow majority management is handled by Ishukone, while the Federation rules the remainder.

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Ishukone! My standings with Ishukone are… um… checking… um… ah, yes exemplary. Not as nearly perfect as with Inherent Implants, but quite close to my present employer. Tangentially, I rather like being a spokeswoman.

“Viziam takes a pounding; and believe you me, darlings, I know pounding.”

As I look through this not so little list, however, I am a bit shocked by my standing with the Empire. Back when it worked that way I had jump clone access to the entire space… oh, look I’m above water with the Republic, and quite well liked by the security ser…vice…

Ah. Right. It’s coming back to me. Interesting times, and quite educational - ignoring the fact that I am very old and my memory is shot.

“Viziam takes a pounding, and believe you me…!”

Yes, well, anyway: exemplary standing with Ishukone. I’m sure that we can dust the small matter of rampaging Sebiestor mutant ninja go-go dancers under some appropriate rug.

And it isn’t that ten is a bad number, darling. It’s just that it is so important that it is hard to see it as a paranormal key to the Universe. Too much normal for any amount of para, as it were.

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This is a travesty, an utter travesty!

Clearly, it should be Kaalakiota excavating the find.

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Not really.

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