KaeL EaglesEye, AUTZ CSM 17 candidate

G’Day Mates!

I’m KaeL EaglesEye, AUTZ EvE Player since 2012 and hopefully your next CSM member.

For those of you who dont want to read, or just listen in the car i made a youtube video of who i am and what i stand for find it here at: KaeL For CSM 17 - YouTube

So, Who is KaeL and What is his story?

KaeL Started out in Highsec in 2012 with a bunch of RL mates mining in the days of Mammoths with mining lasers, sit on a rock for an hour with youtube, drop the ore into a Orca and the pilot would sell it and give us all a percentage.

Never saw a payout of this, and it taught me a vital lesson in EvE. Your word is worth more than all the ISK and never trust any one.

From there I was recruited into C0nvicted. an AUTZ alliance a part of the CFC (now imperium) and given the job of scouting supers in a rifter with a cloak on a gate. My job was to call out if I saw any reds, I saw red. I called out! they asked who they were and i said Blood Raiders, i was ribbed about that for decades now and it is a very fond memory of my early days in this game of ours.

Back then I asked Fawlty7 to teach me the ways of FCing and he took me under his wing. He gave me some advice back then that I still use today. “Win or lose the fight if your fleet didnt have fun then it doesn’t count” that made me realise that as an FC we are content creators for the tens to hundreds and in the rare event thousands of players that join our fleets or campaigns. and as such it is our duty to make sure that they have fun, along with winning the objective.

In 2014 C0nvicted disbanded and from there I moved around alot, experienced a lot of different playstyles in null from the point of view from a lot of different corps and alliances. From NRDS in Provi bloc to NPSI fleets and roaming pirate gangs. I’ve stepped my toe in many aspects of null life, and the few times I ventured into wormholes and low sec I gained a healthy fear and respect for the brave capsuleers that call those regions of space home.

For the last few years I have been a member of Black Omega Security, and worked my way up the FC chain both before and during WWB2 to become a high ranking FC and leader within TEST. I was one of a group of super active FC’s in PAPI during those 13 months, regularly clocking 40+ hours of fleet time a week, let alone the hours in discord chats and calls planning the various stages of deployment, targets and fights. Recently BOS decided to move on and try our luck within HORDE and i have taken a step back from Active FCing to help teach the next generation and spend more time focusing on the community side of EvE, Creating and Streaming the Serious Slander Saturday AUTZ Talk show on Twitch thanks to the help of the Awesome stream team of New Eden Post, lead by RedlineXIII as well as being a Community mod in the Cesspool discord.

For those unaware the Cesspool discord is an all peoples welcome community where members of all our space tribes are able to interact, Overall it is an amazing community where it doesn’t matter if your PAPI or GOON. We’re all people and EvE players and we all have fun.

Who am I as a person?

Well my name is Aaron, I’m 32 was born and raised an hour north of Sydney on Australia’s east coast.

Finished year 11, and decided to go into TAFE and got a few IT certs.

ended up working at an ATM repair place, that shut down

Somehow ended up a chef for 2 years, ended up hating cooking so quit that and worked as a network analyst for a fixed point wireless ISP.

Pay sucked so I left that job lol, and became a labourer for a Shop Fitting group, worked there for years and worked my way up to State project team lead and help that position for 4 years until Covid closed the business down.

Then with the amount of time i spent in fleets you could say my next job because Fleet commanding :smiley:

My areas of Expertise

Fleet Command

Null sec

Community Engagement

And Leadership

I have spent most of my time in eve in nullsec, and these last years as a FC a Leader and a Community engager. These are the areas that I know and understand and have built a repertoire of knowledge and experience that i plan to use for the good of the EvE Player Base if I am elected to the CSM.

If elected to CSM

i make no grandiose promises that i will change the game for the better as we all know from the last few years that while CCP listens to the CSM, it is at the end of the day CCPs choice if they act on it, what i can promise is to be an ear for you to vent your concerns and issues to and a voice to CCP of said concerns. No matter what corp or alliance or style of gameplay, I will be in your corner fighting for the good of the community and playerbase.

3 major point that i am running on is

1: The imbalance of ansiblex’s to project power across multiple regions.

One way of combating this in my eyes would be polarisation, the inability to use a jump bridge more than once every 5 or so minutes, this is just an idea and I believe it will for flash forms reduce the power of null blocs over many regions.

2: The stagnation of null sec brought on by the introduction of Citadels.

My idea on a way to negate this fear and inability to move regions like null sec used to be would be to add an extra unanchor time to uninstall rigs from structures. A Lot of the reason groups don’t want to move regions of space and take over more bountiful regions is that the cost is too damn high! If the ability to uninstall rigs on top of unanchoring were to be implemented, this is in my eyes would help stimulate nullsec into a more nomadic warring lifestyle that we all loved.

3: Introducing more lucrative isk making opportunities to players who are not in a null bloc or have low isk/sp.

A Lot of the lucrative isk generating opportunities are gated behind null sec or controlled by null blocs. An example of this is Pochven, it used to be open to any one who wanted to take the risk to make the isk. Now days its locked down by null blocs using it to grow there wallets while smaller groups are left to.

Also the golden rule of eve. To not fly anything you can’t afford to loose, to make any headway in this game isk wise takes a large investment, there needs to be in my eyes more ways for low isk and skill point players to be able to stand on their own 2 feet and be able to play this game we all love

End of the day and TL:DR.

I have what is good for the growth of the game and community at heart, and i don’t care what space tribe you are in or region of space you live in, your all my mates and were all one community, one that i’m thankful for being apart off and one i want to help and work for.

So vote KaeL for CSM, because he too is flying by the seat of his pants hoping for a plan B!

Reserved for added information

Voting for you

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Hey guys you can find my CCP interview here: Twitch
Also my New Eden Post Candidate debate Here!: CSM17 Candidate RoundTable - Ask Your Candidates Your Questions! - YouTube

Win or not, i just wish to thank every one who read my post, watched my interviews and who voted for me.
This year has some AMAZING candidates that i got to know over the campaign period and i believe that this year will be a turning point for the CSM and be one of the best we have seen.
i appreciate all of you. o7 mates and fly safe out there

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