Cael Caderu for CSM 18

My EVE Online Story

Hello everyone! My name is Cael Caderu. I am the CEO of Nobody In Local (SA.FE), a corporation in the Deepwater Hooligans (BIGAB) alliance. You may also recognize me as the former executor of Of Sound Mind (SOUND). I am individually enrolled along with most of my corporation in the Minmatar Militia, operating out of Turnur.

My EVE activities at present cover a mix of scouting, FW skirmishing, lowsec and nullsec PVP, industry, market-making, and corporation management. I do a bit of many different things (although certainly not everything in the giant and wonderful list of things you can do in this game!)

My story begins in the system of Nakugard, in Metropolis, in 2014. I was a bored highsec miner, terrified of PVP. A slightly more experienced friend convinced me to try diving into nearby Great Wildlands in an Imicus, and learning through trial and error to slip by Sabre camps on the way is when I fell in love with this game. Still, when all of my friends quit, I did too.

My story properly starts in 2017, when I rejoined the game to play with another friend and joined Of Sound Mind. Ironically, that friend stopped playing just about when I started, but for me this time was different. Playing with experienced mentors allowed me to rapidly pick up skills and enjoy content that I would not otherwise have had access to. I still learned some skills through trial and error, but others I picked up through chatting with corpmates. There are so many specialized systems in our game, and even in a corp of 20 people you benefit from having friends who just know things about areas you’ve hardly touched. I fell in love with the wormhole space hunt, stalking prey in a slow-moving cloaked frigate angling for just the right place and time to call in my backup. I also came to love the intricacies of moving supplies through w-space, especially under hostile conditions such as games of hole control.

I stayed with SOUND from that point, through repeated moves where we sought the best mix of PVP and PVE content for us. “High class” wormhole space, Minmatar faction warfare, Syndicate, a joint sov null deployment with Deepwater Hooligans, pirate lowsec, back to Syndicate… etc. With the arrival of the faction warfare rework, we were excited to try FW again and redeployed to Lantorn, settling there and making our name among the organized Minmatar militia alliances. Eventually, however, I found that while we were getting a steady stream of skirmishing content (2-5 pilots), we were lacking opportunities for midscale fleet battles (10-100). SOUND had been a one corp alliance for as long as I had been a member, so we made the call to shelve the alliance and move the corp (Nobody In Local) in with our friends in Deepwater Hooligans. I have been a member of BIGAB for almost three months now, based out of Turnur in the Amarr/Minmatar warzone.

My CSM Philosophy

This section is copied wholesale from my CSM 17 run. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!

At its best, the CSM is a body of subject matter experts. CCP are the game designers in the room, but being a game designer does not make you an expert on small-gang combat, or sov warfare, or logistics, or life in wormhole space, or… you get the idea. An effective member of the CSM needs to be able to identify and convey to CCP (and other CSM members) where their own expertise lies. When a developer is describing some idea, an effective CSM member can point out if there are unintended consequences that affect their domain of expertise. When a CCP employee is asking what members of a community actually want, an effective CSM member can speak to both frustrations their community members have, and equally importantly speak to the highlights of gameplay experience for their constituents.

It is not the job of the CSM to force CCP to listen. The CSM is an advisory group with no actual power. Moreover, like a cybersecurity consultant, the CSM’s successes are basically invisible. Proposed changes that were dropped or changed due to input from the CSM are not and cannot be visible to the general EVE public. This does not make the CSM any less important or effective. Without the CSM, CCP has no real window into the in-game lives of any players, and our game would be very much the worse for it.

Areas of Expertise

Living in Turnur gives direct access to lots of different parts of space. That said, based on my day to day activities I would suggest thinking of me as a lowsec candidate first and foremost. In a given week, these are the kinds of things you might see me doing. (Note: This does not include other things I would like to do but don’t right now.)

FW Skirmishing and Fleets

  • “Solo” and small gang PVP on the scale of 1-5 humans, 2-10 characters.
  • Multiboxed PVE plex running
  • Minmatar militia open fleets (~5-30?)

Fleet Command

  • Warzone fleets at a scale of 5-30 people (mix of bashes and “chill plexing/pvp”. I would love to run battlefield fleets but there would have to be a battlefield active when I’m online…)
  • Backup FC roles (backup target calling, anchoring, logi FC) for PVP fleets at a scale of 2-100 people

PVP Fleets

  • Flash forms for hunting via Turnur’s wormholes
  • Blops
  • Brawls of various sorts in the 30-100 people scale


  • Wormhole chain finding


  • Gas harvesting


  • On average 1 character of lines active


  • Market-making in Rens and wherever BIGAB is deployed to

Corp/People Management

  • Miscellaneous HR tasks, although this is pretty limited now that I’m just managing a corp within an alliance
  • Stocking corp supplies


  • Answering questions in the No Question In Stupid thread and other similar threads on r/eve. (I’m u/actually_ixex there)

Why the CSM?

A critical component of a successful CSM is broad representation. I was happy to See Arsia Elkin and Mark Resurrectus on CSM17 last year to represent Faction Warfare- and Wormhole-based players. I am able to speak to the needs and experiences of a variety of groups that don’t traditionally get much representation. I believe that I can communicate thoughtfully and effectively with both CCP and my fellow CSM members. I’m running because I love EVE, I honestly think the CSM is a useful tool for improving it, and I think I will be an effective CSM member.

What You Can Expect From Me

Almost a copy of last year’s. I apparently forgot lowsec pirates in my outreach list and that is now fixed.

If elected, you can expect me to serve with professionalism and dedication. I care, deeply, about our shared game. Working with CCP and with other members of the CSM for the good of EVE is a given; you can also expect me to be responsive to other players whether or not we have history with each other. Specifically, I will hold regular AMAs on r/eve (where I’m currently active as u/actually_ixex and often can be found in the newbie help “No Question Is Stupid” thread). You can additionally expect me to reach out proactively to faction warfare, lowsec pirate, wormhole, and unaligned nullsec groups so that their voices can be heard.


What’s your opinion on doxxing within the game, and those that do it?

Doxxing is bad. Nobody should do it, and as a corp leader if I caught any of my people doing it they’d be kicked immediately. Did you have some context in mind I should be aware of?

I’m very glad to hear you say that.

We’re certainly on the same page there.

What about interference with someone in their IRL life because trolling them in game isn’t enough?
Not exactly on the same level of doxxing, but it’s about damn near close I’d say.

If I become aware of a specific context, I will be sure to forward it to you immediately.

@Cael_Caderu would you back any idea mentioned below as CSM member?

  1. Insane idea - pay with PLEX in NES for extra dev time
  2. Quafe+ is from "biomass" (...or corpse reprocessing)
  3. Little things / Small QoL suggestions - Better Visibility Of Other Players’ PI Networks
  4. Little things / Small QoL suggestions - 13 requests for Stack Split enhancment since Jun’18
  5. Little things / Small QoL suggestions - PI KB-shortcuts for toggling between groups of structures


  1. What do CCP do correctly?
  2. What do CCP do incorrectly?
  3. What do you wish existed in-game that doesn’t?
  4. What exists in-game that you wish didn’t?
  5. What exists in-game that you think ought to continue to exist?
  6. What doesn’t exist in-game that you hope never comes into existence?
  7. How would you improve PI?
  8. How would you improve the entire corporation UI?

@Elinore_en_Divalone Links (3-5) appear to be dead, or at least I can’t find the specific comments in the giant Small QoL Suggestions thread. I can say that I’m generally in favor of keeping up a steady stream of small QoL improvements. I can’t claim to be a subject matter expert on PI, but I have done it in the past and I’m generally in favor of helping people do PI with less clicks. Not so sure about visibility of other people’s PI networks, but I’d have to look at the proposal itself. (2) seems unimportant, but I’m open to being convinced otherwise. (1) is something I can’t imagine CCP considering for a second.

@Rhett_Schouten Thank you for the questions! I’m going to tackle a couple of them now and come back to the others. I hope that’s ok. (8) Probably my single greatest struggle with the corp UI is searching for character names when I do roles updates for members. One issue is the delay that kicks in if you have to do a bunch at once. Another issue is trying to search for short character names with <3 letter names (the search doesn’t work properly). (3-6) I don’t generally think in those terms. CCP isn’t likely to ask the CSM to design anything–far more likely they would come to the CSM with a plan and ask for us to provide some feedback. I’ve suggested in a recent r/eve thread that they ought to consider removing Supply Caches/Depots from the game. I believe everything else that I’ve been actively thinking about lately involves rebalancing existing systems rather than adding or deleting content. (7) Personally, I stopped doing PI because the rewards weren’t worth it for me and I found it to be a chore. I’m very happy for the people that enjoy it, and would generally defer to them about improvements. I know reduced clicking for setup would be a big help (templates, perhaps?), but it’s not really an area of expertise for me.

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Also, I have a FW “wish list” reddit thread here:

The point of 3-6 is to get a better judge of your character and mindset, to see if you are thinking as you claim to be, a knowledgeable advisor for CCP with no real power to be gained, or as a politician that does not want to lose votes by choosing a side on some opinion questions that may lose a few votes (say wanting to change something in PI that some players may dislike, so they don’t vote for you). You can be as objective as you wish, but that does not dismiss the importance of your character and mindset. It is saddening to see you dismiss these questions. Your ideas are sound, and I agree with many of them, but I have no reason to believe you because I cannot judge your character. For all I know, they are sweet words with no actual substance or commitment behind them.

Will you stop RMT and Gambling operations being run off TOR and other means, Cael?

I think you’re going to have trouble judging my character from my answers to those questions as well, and I still don’t generally think in hard-edged “add/remove” terms, but I’ve had a few days to think and I believe I can offer some direct answers. Whether or not you like them is of course up to you.

Something I wish existed in the game that doesn’t (yet): A reward item that lands at the end of a nullsec anomaly, ideally in a predictable place close to the warpin of the site. Call it “green loot” and make it delivered to NPC buy orders in specific NPC null. e.g. Serpentis rats would need to be ransomed to Serpentis NPC space. This is an opportunity to raise the value of null anoms while giving ratters some tough choices about when to cut and run vs when to stick around and hope the hunters are slow or looking for something else. It would also create a new content-driving gameplay style of roaming through hostile space and finishing other people’s sites. Delivery to NPC null is to avoid the cheese of the Pochven highway and make people actually ship their goods through space.

Something that exists that I wish didn’t: Pochven is reasonably cool, but I really wish that the Pochven highway didn’t exist. Being able to ship from the deepest null to highsec in 15 minutes flat, completely bypassing all the intervening geography, is not good for the game IMO. Removing the highway would revitalize the borders between null and empire space by increasing the amount of traffic flowing through those systems.

I’ve also already mentioned Supply Depots/Caches, I believe, which also falls under this category.

Something that exists which I want to continue existing: Far too much here to name it all, so just a few highlights: I really enjoy the scanning and hacking minigames. I would be sad to see those removed or reworked. I love MJD tactical gameplay such as spearfishing. I can see arguments that right now it is perhaps a little too easy for large ships to slip through gatecamps using MWD+cloak or MJD+cloak, but I would push to not nerf this behavior because campers can and do sometimes catch the ships. So content happens because a cloak+MWD battleship can have enough of a chance to take the risk, but not have a guaranteed escape.

Something that doesn’t exist yet that I hope never comes into existence: Again, so much I could mention here. I certainly don’t want to see pay to win mechanics in EVE. Something that came up in discussion recently that I don’t want to see is a navy links destroyer. Part of the flexibility of FW NVY plexes comes from the inability to bring any kind of links into them. Basically, “kitchen sink” fleets aren’t as bad when better options can’t enter the plex, and blocking dedicated support ships like links helps with that. I love a good organized fleet but I also appreciate having places where a pickup fleet can really compete and I’d be sad to lose it.

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I appreciate the reply and I retract what I said before. I have a better idea of who you are now and what you stand for. I believe you have a decent head on your shoulders.


Great reply @Cael_Caderu

Questions 3-6 are really just trying to puzzle out what is important to you about EVE, they’re kind of asking what you would add, what you would take away what you would fight to keep and what you would fight to remove. Answering these questions ‘kind of’ gives people and idea about what attracts you to the game, what’s important about it now that you play, and what you would change if you could.

Strangely, when people read what you wrote they discover whether their values align with yours or not. Part of what can make answering the questions difficult is the realisation, both at a conscious level as well as an unconscious level that by recording what you really think and believe, you run the risk of alienating a part of your player base. Thats the courage of running for election, can you, stand upon for what you believe in, and at the same time be of such high character or dedicated focus that even those who don’t share your values still support who you are as a candidate?

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Hey Canucks and friends!

I got a great interview today with Cael Caderu and I’m now sharing it for you to enjoy!

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For anyone interested in my ideas for nullsec, I’ve compiled highlights here: Reddit - Dive into anything

I wrote this on Reddit, and I would do it again here.

I don’t read the whole CSM programmes, just seeking some key words, and I feel assured by your definition of CSM.

I believe, both interests in-game, and points of view on game’s problems can change, but the thought-out philosophy remains, and works.

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