Katothen | ZERO jumps to content (nomadic small gang PvP)

Picture the scene.

Your alarm clock goes off. The ping goes out. You log in, you’re number 137 in the Eagle fleet. The FC doesn’t have enough logi so you switch to a Basilisk. He still wants links. Eventually you get undocked, 250 in fleet plus the newbie wing, and make your way to the first jump bridge.

You take six jump bridges, a titan bridge, and a few gates. It takes about 20 minutes, but this is it. The FC warps you to the Keepstar grid, and the hostiles are sitting tethered. You anchor up, and most of the fleet manages to do the same, you ctrl-click the Keepstar and press F1. 400 neutrals land on grid and your trigger finger itches. “Don’t shoot them,” the FC says, “they’re here to help us.”

You spam links to the undock button and call the enemy out in local, they don’t leave tether though. Cowards. About 50 minutes later, it’s done, the Keepstar’s armor is all gone and in a week you’ll get to set your alarm clock for 4am again and finish it off.

Op success.

If that sounds like fun to you, stop reading now. This isn’t going to be the corp for you, and that’s fine.


Who are we and what do we offer?

Katothen was formed by ex-null blob pilots with FCing and directorship experience, looking for a more engaging way to fly in New Eden. A Corporation dedicated to real PvP, fighting enemies who shoot back, and with a standings policy based on what drives more engaging fights, rather than what provides more safety.

Here’s what we’re all about:

  • 100% PvP focus: we don’t ping mining ops, we don’t ping sov timers, we ping for people to get fights;
  • Very few blues at any given time: we work with others when it means we get better fights or a better variety of content, but we’re not interested in being blue to 20% of Eve;
  • Rewards for PvP: we believe in rewarding activity, so our most active pew-pewers get ISK and medals for killing the bad guys;
  • Fully nomadic lifestyle: we regularly redeploy to get experience fighting different enemies and trying different types of content;
  • Everyone is an FC: you can (and will be encouraged to) ping fleets from day zero, whether those are tech 1 frigate roams in Black Rise or blops/t3c hunting (or make your own doctrines);
  • Zero killboard vanity: we aim to be competent and you’ll get hazed for careless losses, but we’re not elitists; we’d rather take a 50/50 fight than sit docked to protect our killboard;
  • Help & patience: many of us come from very extensive PvP backgrounds, some don’t, and we’re happy to give people tips and ideas to improve;
  • A variety of playstyles: small-gang lowsec roams, nanotrash nullsec roams, larger fleets with friends, C2-NS whaling, gate camps, blopsing, t3c-based hunting, and capital play – we do it all, and we do it everywhere;
  • No kings: you’re not logging in for some faceless alliance executor who never talks to you, or following the whims of the coalition leader. Katothen makes decisions about deployments together, because this is all of our corp.



Our current deployment is in Providence, but we’re not joining the endless hordes pouring into the region to kill haulers and miners. We’re working with the locals to identify and locate hostile gangs for engagements with people who actually shoot back. Sometimes that’s flying with some of Provibloc, but usually it’s just Katothen.

We’re operating NRDS in Providence & Amarrian lowsec, and NBSI everywhere else. Whilst this may seem like a strange decision for a pure PvP group, the vast majority of New Eden is red in Providence, and any content lost from not ganking the local ratters and miners will be outweighed by being able to engage the more PvP-oriented groups in the Rekking Crew and friends, and hopefully coax a few of the more PvP-shy Provibloc residents into flying with us.

Seal clubbing is still available a few jumps away in Catch, of course…


So, what do we expect from you?

  • A high level of activity: joining at least a couple of fleets most weeks (obviously exemptions are made for IRL issues, vacations, deployments etc.) – this isn’t your altcorp, this is where you live;
  • A working mic and a good attitude: we’d much rather recruit a newer player who gets in fleet, chats on Discord, and has a good attitude on comms than a Titan pilot with a cactus up their ass;
  • An omega subscription (ideally 2+): we fly a lot of T2/T3 ships, and we consider Interceptors especially to be essential for travelling around nullsec;
  • Financial sustainability: we’re not a krabbing corp, so you’ll probably need a way to make ISK on an alt;
  • A capital ship or a willingness to train one: we move around in suitcase caps, and everyone needs to be willing to get in a cap for at least this purpose. If you don’t have these skills, start training when you join;
  • An undying love for our lord and savior, Pikachu: don’t deny it.

If that sounds like your kind of thing, come talk to us on Discord


Tonight, we all died gloriously trying to whore on a dying Moros that was almost certainly bait. It was fun. Come join us for shenanigans!

Had some interesting discussions about our next deployment last night; we’re making a final decision tonight on where we’re going to deploy and what our mission statement will be.

Some of our guys had a semi-NPSI fleet with friends and got some nice kills.

Today we went on a birthday roam for a member of AK.S, Luxaar Galdr. We lost a couple of ships in a glorious battle against a much stronger gang, but we took down a nice nosprey (loot fairy said no) and ended up about ISK neutral (positive after insurance).

After that, it was time to set up the deployment. We moved our suitcase caps to our new home for the next few weeks and unpacked, then went and had a quick poke around to see what we could find. Apparently it was a +4 pod warping around naked and a hauler carrying 15 T1 frigates.

We’re hoping for a bunch more good fights like the brawl above. Come join us!

Had a bit of a brawl tonight alongside our good friends in Trigger Happy. We took out Nightmares against Hurricane Fleet Issues and Cerbs. Good to see Katothen picking up Recon and Logi roles.

I spent most of the rest of the night doing logistics for the deployment. Did I ever mention I hate flying JFs?

Good fights to Banderlogs & Unspoken.


I’ve been away for a couple of days, but the action has been good.

One of our members took out his first fleet on thursday, running some Talwars around Providence and getting into it.

We’ve had joint fleets with the locals which have got some nice kills, and baited some kills on hostile sov timers without having to wand anything.

Yesterday we rolled around lowsec and got some more kills after I got back. When I get back from the store, someone’s getting 500 mil for being our hunter of the week.

Last couple of days have been a load of fun. Congratulations to Phollocks and Rudolph who split the 500m prize for the most qualifying kills last week.

After doling out their reward and a few near misses, we shipped out to Mista and got some nice kills with Pyke Huren’s blackout fleet:

We played host to a Goon birthday roam in miners & industrial ships with some friends:


Then we killed a Nidhoggur with some friends:

Then we went off fighting in Tama on our own, welped some stuff and got a few nice kills as well – sometimes nothing can compete with a bit of low sec brawling:

Then yesterday, I went on a mission with Odyessus of CVA, to avenge a newbie who lost his Vexor to some NOVAC bombers. I managed to pull off a nice decloak and it turned out they were polarized:

I made the questionable decision to warp a Leshak into an obvious bait Harbinger, which didn’t turn out so well for me:

Got the Harbinger though, op success? :smiley:

Come join us, there’s no lack of content

Yesterday, we ran a bit of a patrol fleet and managed to get some of the locals onboard. Hostiles kept trying to drop HAW nags on us but it didn’t work out very well for them:

Both of the HAW nags ended up meeting their makers later in the night, after most of us had gone to bed. All in all, a fun KTHN-led fleet and some great fun with our Provi friends.

Last night, we got on a nice Rattlesnake kill (there was other stuff too):

This evening has been fun. We went out on a T1 cruiser roam and killed a particularly salty quad-SeBo Gnosis pilot and his logi alt:

Then did some small to medium gang with Provibloc friends in their home defense fleet:

No lack of kills to be had, come join us!

What to say? What to say?

Yesterday, we joined up with Provibloc to engage the joint forces of Recking Crew, Siege Green, and Spectre Fleet. The hostiles had supercarriers on the field, we mostly had Dreads and defanging carriers. The good guys eventually won the fight approx 120b to 105b killed and managed to hold the field and take the loot.

The objective (an entire system worth of reinforced POCOs and a citadel) was saved, and good fights were had all around. Miraculously, there was no noticeable time dilation. This was KTHN’s first time fielding caps and despite a couple of dread losses, we had a good time.

Later on, in USTZ, we went on a roam with some friends and dunked a whole bunch of stuff across a few brawls in Providence.

All in all, a good Saturday of content. Now all we need is for today to be the same.

Had a great brawl with our friends today:
Come join up.

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Come join us for BLOPS fleets. Be part of our story!

Katothen - Episode 1 : Beginnings (Coming soon)

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