Keep EVE Evil 1.1: Patch Notes

A Note from Mr. Mirth:

Due to roving bands of crying whiteknight SJW micks, a discussion of the utmost importance has been irrevocably stunted. And Abbot Jackson, a celebrated hero in New Eden, has been exiled from this, now stagnant, arena of thought. This philosophical infanticide makes my heart heavy. This censorship of dissent fills me with fear and dark concern. I, Frank Mirth, have been sent as an envoy to maintain a presence of the Anti R!ddit-Sodomy ensemble.

I am perturbed, C&P, deeply perturbed, that the dear Abbot’s sentiments would be met with such hostility and open, carebear fervor. What a terrible travesty that C&P, C&P, would succumb to the weakness of carebear-tolerance, new player friendliness, CCP idolatry and R!ddit sperm drinking. I hope that the dear Abbot’s words, spoken through proxy by me, will resonate in the hearts of the capable. That they will arouse the hibernating entities that this game requires. And that the weak will tremble at his dire, Achilleic rhetoric.

And finally, to the Ir*sh Tattler. The drunken canary who, maggot-like, perused through the dear Abbot’s posts, reporting them to our oppressive authority: the very authority that asphyxiates our freedoms and power with every passing hour. Shame. Shame on you and a pox on all your kin, in and out of game. I wish you naught but ill, and I look forward to punishing you for your snitching, when I am bothered to reinstall this gay game.

Keep EVE Evil 1.1: Moving Forward

I speak to you, through my envoy, once more. The Ir%shman’s attempts to disrupt my efforts were a minor annoyance, but I am not bothered.

In the last thread, we established several things:

1.) The Status Quo is untenable.
2.) The Trend is Concerning.
3.) If unaddressed, a unique form of gameplay will go extinct in EvE Online.

We also agreed on several key premises:

1.) EvE is fueled by crying and hatred.
2.) High-sec represents the core of EvE society [although Null-Sec and Low-Sec are affected by the same threat].
3.) EvE culture has become rotten and weak and R!ddited.

What we haven’t agreed on is how to PERMANENTLY REMOVE the following problems:

1.) New players [New players should not join the game right now. It is not in an acceptable state for such a thing. Additionally, the quality of character that CCP is advertising to is boring and annoying. Mostly R!ddit-aspirants.]
2.) Carebears [I should note here that permanent removal does not apply in this case. Merely significant purge. Massive culling. The ratio must be maintained.]
3.) CCP [Everything that CCP has been doing is wrong. Their content should be disliked, shunned, criticized and vandalized with anti-new player hate.]
4.) R%ddit [This is the worst of all. Anyone who posts on that website is a confirmed sperm-drinker. Known R%ddit posters should be actively hunted down “in game” and R%ddit-Aspirancy should provoke spontaneous chastisement.]

Your move, C&P.

And remember, in the words of Milton: Better to rule in Hell [Mortal Online], than to serve in Heaven [EVE].

  1. Not a problem
  2. Not a problem
  3. Maybe lay a different game?
  4. Don’t go on Reddit, not a problem

Well this was a good thread.


In before short-lived shitstorm.

Care to share your thoughts?

nb4 lock just like your main. Poor bait, please try again

So you’re pleased with the state of the game?

No, the game’s in a ■■■■ state in fairness. But you bolding the word gay like a total hard case isn’t really helping the cause either. I assume there’s a historical thing with reddit but who cares.

No, the game’s in a ■■■■ state in fairness

then help me fix it

But you bolding the word gay like a total hard case isn’t really helping the cause either

I don’t understand why words make people so angry.

I assume there’s a historical thing with reddit but who cares

R%ddit is gay


Post with your main or GTFO…

i’m coming as close to posting with my main as possible given the circumstances. sad to see there are no arguments. no action. no solutions!

Stop re-opening locked topics, and quit breaking the rules in an attempt to bring attention to your alt’s posts.

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