Keep EVE Evil

You never flown through FW space or what? I don’t think this game is any less evil than ever before, it’s just hard to see it if you never leave hisec

Most of my kills are in Nullsec. I’ve flown in Low-sec and FW before. I’ve gotten raped and murdered in FW/LS before; i don’t claim to be a l33t Implant+Booster+Officer solo frigate cat-n-mouse god. My problem with both low and null is that they are meaningless. The players are better than Highsec carebears, but they actually much more risk averse (just because they know how to be). Nobody ever gets mad. People just quiver where they feel safe because they don’t want to be made fun of. [this applies to 99% of LS pilots just as much as Provibears]. and because CCP has made impenetrable safe zones (citadels, but even stations and POS’s should be nerfed too).

Also, Low-sec players never take significant losses, because they’re flying small ships around all the time since it’s the dominant strategy… The amount of smugging that they do compared to the amount that they risk is really gay. By contrast, High-Sec griefers risk their reputation and notoriety whenever they take on a fight. The amount that High-Sec griefers risk is actually almost incalculable!

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You’re right that Eve has become far too safe, but removing our targets is a crappy solution. Not to mention the goal is to goad them to rage so they swear at you, not the other way around. You haven’t lived until you’ve spoken politely to a mission runner until he blocked you, then wrote a love haiku with jetcans until he started swearing at you in local. Besides, a huge chunk of Eve’s villains became that way after being targeted and coming around. Eve needs to be far more hostile, but it doesn’t need to be vitriolic. This isn’t League of Legends man.

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not half as bad as the time they introduced the friendly fire button for corporations

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Mo it needs bad guys
And it needs real carebears
Carebears with brains, who are not self-entitled, and who share their knowledge of the game with others in tutorial land,
rather than sharing their fear and prejudice of all things pvp.

Mo you realise you are a carebear?
Your threads on these new forum are raising the bar, you bring knowledge to share and stories to inspire,
Mo your a carebear, and an eve carebear, a carebear with teeth.

This is a dystopian future where immortal space gods blow up a planets net worth in seconds just to get even over an insult in local, where the police have the power to destroy but not punish, because the criminal will always survive to kill another day (unless banhammer).

The people that get labelled as carebears now aren’t carebears, they just don’t understand the game they are playing, and the impact they are having on the game world, they ARE pvpers, just in denial, like the guy who sends funds to ISIS recruiters but says he doesn’t have a hand in their atrocities, they benefit from the space violence, but take no responsibility.

That is not a carebear, its a self entitled lazy gamer.


This is not just any carebear, this is an EVE carebear.
helping, sharing, I think you even mined a bit.

I love conflict. Best eve fight I’ve seen since holeysheet got banned. And yeah, he’s probably going to get banned.

But Patti, isn’t it a treat to fight someone else you actually don’t like? I’d say the epitaphs are icing on the cake. I was hoping someone would get fired up.

When was the last time someone on here got fired up? It used to happen almost daily.

If he was actually a nazi or some such, it would be like playing Wolfenstein.

I think you get my point… meaningful conflict requires a desire to beat the opponent… not just engaging in arbitrary conflict because that is what is done in your current area of space.

Absolutely, absolutely I get it, and I get the need to meta game, and weaponise local.

But I’ve gone through that guys posts and to be honest I don’t want him on these forums or in game so one way or another he’s going. Evry post hes calling people gay, using homosexual as an insult, using racist memes, he’s not ‘evil’ in the sense we need, hes just an entitled nob hiding behind the internet.

that CCP Seagull comment was just ■■■■, sexist misogynistic ■■■■,

And this is eve so any and all weapons are available, so yes he has a 150mil bounty, and yes if he stays in game because he wont be banned in game, then yes I will awox him at some point, and I will get screen dumps to prove hes vile in game and get him banned.

But I don’t see how CCP can allow him to keep posting like this on here because all talk of evil aside, this is a game and a business.

EDIT: its a 200mil bounty, I just want the peeps who kill him to get a present, he sure dies enough looking at his killboard.

People actually use bounties non-ironically? I put bounties on people who earn my respect. It’s like a mark of honor in my eyes.

yeh I like mine to be honest
but it does mean that anyone who kills him will be paid for doing so,
and paid by me,
and I’m happy with that

The thing about irony is bounties can be both useless and useful at the same time

But yeh, that was more a statement of intent rather than what he actually has coming, maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, but one day etc etc.

We sure could use Ten Tron, the King of the Internet right now.

I cleaned up some inappropriate banter and any replies.