Kick back

When using a mining drone, miner, or a strip miner, there is a small chance of a kick back. A pop up window will come up with different levers you must move to release the mounting pressure. Pressure mounts per second until it kicks back, destroying the module and causing 1/3 structure damage to the miner. Drones are just destroyed. Module is frozen during a kick back and deactivating it automatically causes the kick back to occur. Recalling drones pops the drone.

Maybe a dumb idea but would fight afk miners.

In drilling kick backs are serious and the driller has to pay attention to his instruments.

Once a kick back occurs and is successful you are immune for 5 min, If you fail, IE noone is home then kick backs start occurring like crazy.


I don’t… hate the idea.

Its certainly not as intrusive or immersion breaking as some of the captcha ideas that have been floated in the past.

It also kinda goes with the idea of “space effects” that CCP has been toying with.

Of course, there will be those out there who will argue that “we already have NPCs and suicide gankers that introduce risk” and “we don’t need another nerf to mining.”

Random ideas that will make this more terrible (due to insanity caused by a chemical haze):

  • The “kickback” could be an Area of Effect thing
  • It could be manually controlled in such a way that if someone wanted to, they could keep it at “the edge.” Then release when they wanted / needed to (could be a nasty surprise for gankers and other miners alike… but it would cause issues with the aggression mechanics).
  • Drones are not destroyed when a kickback happens. instead they become “contaminated” by the various elements in the rock and become aggressive… and attack player ships… mining them to death.
  • Why is “mining” not a valid way to attack a player ship?

There is no AFK miner issue. People keep trying to invent this issue and then solve it, yet no-one has established that this actually causes any significant issues in the game.
Also kick backs is lore wise stupid. Miners work using lasers & tractor beams, not drills
And it makes them have to not be looking at the main screen, why don’t guns have kick back by the same reasoning.

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This is just another form of captcha that bots could readily be programed to solve. It doesn’t actually achieve anything except cause frustration for actual players who have to hope they don’t mis-click something and destroy their drones/damage their modules, just to prove they aren’t a bot.

AFK mining isn’t hurting anyone. An AFK miner is less effective in m3/s output, and more risk-accepting, than a miner who is babysitting their mining lasers/drones. They actually serve as a shield for active miners by drawing the attention of gankers, since they don’t promptly dock up when a hostile shows up. Why would anyone want to nerf them out of the game?

Have any of of you neg nancys actually been to an ore anomaly? Orcas, AFK mining with drones. Tons of them…

So how am I making up this problem? I guess I could be lying but thats kinda strange for me to come and just lie about it. I think your motivation to hide the issue is more probably then my motivation to lie about afk mining Orcas…

Thank god Ore anomalys in High sec is going away.

How are AFK mining Orcas hurting the game?

Dumping loads of minerals on the market with virtually zero human effort?

You cant see how that might harm the economy? I mean ok… If your argument is it harms nothing then go with that…

I would argue that none human input is harmful to a player driven economy. It should be curtailed. Also there is zero risk for those Orca pilots. Unless you know a group that ganks Orcas for virtually zero profit. You and I know it doesn’t happen. The ore inside isn’t valuable enough to get 20 gankers together and get them out of bed. But day by day every second they are out there afk mining dumping massive amounts of ore on to the market.

But sure, zero risk huge profit doesn’t hurt the very idea of Eve, go with that argument.

The issue IS afk mining.

However, the issue is just the orca. Nerf it’s yield bonus.


Afaik, there’s no mechanic in the game in which your modules receive damage while being used besides overheating, and there’s not a single mechanic where your ship receives hull damage randomly due to an installed module running amok.

There’s already danger to mining, and that’s called Mercoxit Mining, which gives the most isk you can ever get, but will mess you up if you don’t have the skills for it.

Other ores don’t behave like this, but if a miner wants the best yield possible, they have to use mining crystals, which get damaged over time, and although the miners can auto reload them, the lasers will be turned off until the player manually activates them again.

As stated above, this implementation wouldn’t deal with bots because the programs would just be updated to deal with the new mechanic, and it would simply punish actual players who now have to bother with a mechanic while worrying their ship might blow up.

If I want to make nice and easy isk, I can just run a few T1/T2 Abyss runs, but I enjoy mining because it’s nice and relaxing, without too much danger if I’m at my PC paying attention to local and the overview, so there’s no need for such a random mechanic, which provides no exchange like overheating does.

I will say it now though.

An overheating mechanic for mining lasers would definitely be nice.

Instead of damaging the mining modules, it damages the mining crystals instead, so the ammunition is consumed at a faster rate and needs to be managed better, otherwise when reaching 100% damage crystals WILL break and WILL damage your mining modules.

If players don’t wish to bother with the overheating in this new kissxcurse mechanic, then they can just not overheat and things will remain the same.

Of course, it won’t be possible to overheat mining drones, so Orcas and Porpoises will fall behind in the passive isk making a bit more. :blush:

As far as I know, using guns means something is shooting back, there is your kick back…

As to the lore, look hire a star trek writer to scifi-ie explain it. None of us actually know anything about mining with lasers and tractor beams. There may be problems with it that require human interaction and attention. Just because I am coming at the problem from a 21st century understanding of extracting minerals doesn’t mean that this technology in Eve would be flawless and never require human attention. Say an explosive particle entered the tractor beam and you need to remove it before it gets to the ship and splodies the whole ship. Maybe there are volitale compunds that if they get into the hull of the ship they will explosively react to other things inside the hull and you need to shift them out and eject them from the stream of matter coming into the hull. I called it a kick back for ease of understanding and because its a general idea…

Nice contradictions right there buddy.

So orcas harm the economy so much, but the ore isn’t that valuable that a group of gankers would go after them?

If I see any excuses like this when Orcas go mining in low sec after the update, then the REAL problem is with gankers. ROFL :rofl:

AFK mining isn’t zero effort. It’s reduced output on the mining Orca for the same period of time as an active pilot.

Bot mining is zero effort and a problem.

AFK mining is players who are willing to court being blown up by gankers (and yes, gankers do take out Orcas regularly) because they aren’t actively there to flee when reds enter the system.

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Well,… you’re half right about that.


Thanks for the incredibly informative response. It was enough merit to motivate you to come and attack the idea so I must be doing something right. AFK miners are out in force protecting their little bot pie.

No, it’s just a terrible idea.
Minigames which you have to play for hours on end are stupid and detract from playing the main game of EVE.

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