Kicking Over Castles news discussion

So many announcements!!! :heart:

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The HyperCores are still not available in the SiSi NES. :boom:

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Looks good, it’ll be interesting to see how it plays out. Can we get rid of the POSs now?

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Another parch that only benefits the blue donuts.


Can you explain why you think this is?


When I lived out there my best friend and I had nicknames for each other. I was Pome and he was convict.

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Probably because some folks have managed to convince themselves that EVERYTHING benefits the blue donuts.



no u…

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well if I have to explain it you’re in one of the Blue Donuts.

But since you ask without being nasty about it I will.

  1. many of the small groups that do not belong to alliances or belong to smaller alliances set the timers for when they are most active, not every one is like Goons, Purple Helmet Warriors, NC Dock, PL, and PH where they have enough people on in all time zones thus only benefits these giant Blue Donuts, and are blue to the likes of Bastion, Test and many more medium and smaller alliances to form larger blue donuts (coalitions) where they can form a couple hundred people rather quickly to attack or defend.

  2. This is going to force many small groups to merge with the Blue Donuts, because this patch effectively makes it impossible for small independent groups to defend against the hordes the blue donuts can throw at them in any given time zone.


Interesting changes. People will probably complain that it still takes 4.5 days in high sec. What I find really annoying is the .5. What is the point of putting the reinforcement time 12 hours later? You have to effectively reinforce a structure in the mornings to get an evening timer when more people are active.

I don’t get why its 2.5 days CCP for the hull timer? Would not 7 days hull timer be better that way people can chain things between weekends.

For example, I’m attacking a citadel timed for 13:00 (Chinese TZ). I would ref it on a Thursday or Friday for a Saturday or Sunday exit on the armour. I will then contest the armour timer on Saturday / Sunday + or - 3 hours on 13:00. This is outside my alliances TZ which is for the most part EUTZ.Say we win the armour timer on a Saturday and the hull timer generates on a Tuesday around 13:00 + or - 3 hours.

I’m at work around those times the timer will exit and so are most my alliance comrades. Should we not be able to have a go at killing the structure outside our TZ on a weekend?

Hope this makes sense.


It’s Icelandic for Heavily Taxed Casino


Not everything benefits the blue donuts, thankfully. Some patches like the jump bridge changes don’t benefit the Blue Donuts.


They are seeded on market…

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and since it wont affect already anchored gates. At this point change has small meaning to current situation.

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How about getting rid of safety rap in low and null sec and have them actually have to defend there stuff


Would have been more fitting


And at this point CCP Convict made his move as number 1


Yes, I know. But the original dev post said that they would be in the sisi NES. I’d LOVE to know how much they will actually cost. Someone said that someone said they would cost 1 PLEX for 10 HC. I thought they were going to be an item we could buy for cash, which is the way the should be in my opinion.

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“Wormhole space: 1.5 days”

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my two cents:

I see this as both helping and hurting the smaller groups who don’t want to be apart of the donut.

Helping: It would make harassing the big groups easier, especially if you base out of NPC Null or low sec.

Hurting: Makes taking sov and defending Sov harder.

Obviously you still have the issues with the 'Blob" but those not withstanding.

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