Recent Patch Huge Buff for Suicide Gankers, THANKS CCP! <3

I’ve just learned that the recent patch contained within it an absolutely huge buff to suicide ganking, that is, the ability to pull CONCORD from citadels using my new favorite button, the Board My Corvette button.

The boon this is for sucide gankers really cannot be understated. Long have we begged CCP for noob ship generating citadels. Ask and ye shall receive.

Apparently there were also implemented several other quality of life improvements for suicide gankers, such as the ability to see and remotely bookmark certain sites etc.

This was really great to hear, and I want to be the first to extend to CCP our great appreciation.

So, on behalf of the New Order of Highsec, and the CODE. Alliance, thank you.


That’s great, if you board the corvette and undock while you are on criminal timer, it means CONCORD ships will leave the mining belt and come to you, and it takes them longer to return!


Man, it’s almost as though CCP designed the whole system to allow for shennanigans like this and continue to support our play style…


I tend to think CCP makes around $10 for every billion isk that is destroyed, so they are incentivized to encourage law enforcement.


This is not new though…what am I missing here?

You couldn’t get a corvette in citadels before.

Now CONCORD can be pulled easily, on the one criminal timer, whether there is a station in system or not.

QoL improvement for gankers.

So now we should expect calls for huge nerfs because of this.


Ya I guess that will help the casual gankers a bit but most are pretty organized and already have depots setup so…

There will be tears you are right…

Are you saying ~pro~ gankers are hauling noob ships around to their citadels? :face_with_monocle: Respectfully, I don’t think you know what you’re talking about.

This is huge for pretty much all suicide gankers.

This thread may need the sage input of @Dracvlad


No, their depot which was situated in an idea spot to mitigate the issue solved the issue by itself. This change, while yes a tiny advantage for the gankers, really just saves a few minutes.

But hey, mining for salt in the forums is fun too…

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I have the OP blocked and don’t read his rubbish. However it is interesting to see gankers acknowledge buffs that favour them and having the ability to step into a corvette means that they have one less logistic to think of. But what about some other buffs that are ignored, like:

Introducing loot drops to the game
Removal of Catalyst -25% ROF
Introduction of Tornado
Change to warp speed so smaller ships warp faster
Fleet bay in DST’s
Increase in wreck EHP
Introduction of CONCORD protection for bumpers
Introduction of CItadels and the tethering mechanic enables easy protected loitering.

I am sure that there is more…, but normally all they say is that their playstyle gets nerfed. :roll_eyes:


Please cite the game version change that brought that.

Every healthy eco system needs an APEX predator. My appreciation goes to the hard working people of CODE. for fulfilling this role in highsec. Also thanks to CCP for the Quality of Life improvement.

To everyone else: make sure your mining permit is up to date!


Nevertheless I would expect CCP block said button as long as you have criminal timer on you …

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Ha, it seems that if you hit Dracvald often enough on the nose with the rolled up newspaper of cold hard facts he will learn to behave.


It´s not that those changes did not help gankers, but none of those changes were made specifically with the goal to make ganking easier. Those things were all added for the benefit of ALL players and as it happens suicide gankers are part of that.

However several times there have been changes that were made specifically to nerf ganking and ganking only.

Also wtf is this supposed to mean “Introduction of CONCORD protection for bumpers” do bumpers get any kind of extra special treatment from concord that is different from anybody else?


The Catalyst one was especially significant. Massive decrease in cost to gank due to this high DPS on such a cheap ship.

Detail them, it is lame posting to state that there was some and then not detail them. And when you do I will detail the balance that CCP applied, like for example a buff to freighter EHP due to the DCU which was only applied to freighters to balance off against the increase in wreck EHP as AG was shooting wrecks.

Game balance does not work in a vacuum, you do understand that don’t you?

Bumpers are not protected in lowsec are they? Thanks to @knowledgeminer for that little gem.


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Dang, I need me a ganker depot. Oh wait, I don’t anymore. Thanks CCP!

However, I do come to his forum threads and post in them?


What does bumpers not being protected in lowsec have to do with concord? Nobody is protected by concord in low sec.

The whole wreck EHP afaik was not aimed at helping bumpers, but was introduced because of ppl shooting super wrecks in 0.0. Of course you have to spin it in a way that it sounds like AG made any impact.

The thing you completly miss is.

All the things you listed were added for the benefit of ALL players. However for example the removel of insurance payouts, was specifically aimed at gankers.

Now you might say that there need to be nerfs, to balance out the buffs which I would not even really have any issues with, however…

As stated before, everything you list was made for the benefit of all people and just gankers. You use these examples to justify nerfs to ganking and you still want more nerfs, for example you want to nerf bumping specifically to nerf ganking.

Now if you say that these buffs to all players, justify nerfs that specifically just affect one subgroup, while the others do not recieve nerfs to balance the buffs and find that this is OK. You simply show your bias against suicide ganking.

edit to make it easy… let´s go with just a single item on your list:

  • The removal pof the build in rof penalty on destroyers

If this justifies a nerf to ganking to keep the balance, it justifies a nerf to everyone else as well. So which nerf would you propose that does not specifically target gankers. Or if you want a nerf that targets ganking which additional nerf to non gankers to you propose to keep your balance in tact?

After all… any buff, intentional or not… justifies a nerf to keep the balance, right?


Thanks for ignoring me question above…it’s almost like you lied are are hoping that nobody noticed…

You can’t eliminate Mn/Max and what a ganking Cat is. Vilify it, CCP or your house plant but that wont change even if you wag yuor finger for another 10 years. If it wasn’t the Cat then it would be the next logical choice and then the next…

…but you actually don’t care about that as yet again, you goal here is just to make HS a 100% safe playground for yourself…