Kicking Over Castles news discussion

This patch is pure BS! This entire game is balanced to favor the attackers! There is no balance in this game and you wonder why this game continues to shrink!


Yeah, that’s the problem. Currently it’s 0.5, it needs to stay that way, otherwise it’s imbalanced for groups that have a earlier TZ (AU > EU > US).

Later TZs should be able to start an eviction Thursday and end on Saturday off-TZ, that way they’re not staying up late before Monday work. Earlier TZs should be able to start an eviction Friday and end Sunday, that way they’re not expected to be at a final timer for Monday when they’re at work.

At the moment only the first option exists, making AU/EU stronger than US.

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I know something better we can kick rather than castles, nuts! :clown_face:

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“In a solar system where the Activity Defense Multiplier is above 4.0 and where an Infrastructure Hub is held by an alliance, pilots that are NOT members of that alliance will be unable to deploy medium Upwell structures (Astrahus, Athanor and Raitaru).”

this favors the large groups too much (not surprising from the CSM too push this of course).

Link it to who is holding the TCU instead of the iHub…


Awful. Just awful.

This whole “we’re going to be bringing loads more content” thing is clearly a half-arsed rush-job to appease the demands of the new money-men. You have had years - LITERALLY years - to bring in plenty of new content and yet you didn’t but now, all of a sudden, there is all this new content that you allege “we have been working on for a long time” yet it ALL just so happens to be ready together and just after the new bosses start cracking that whip.

Once again it is poorly thought out, badly implemented and just another crappy detriment to the game as a whole.


Just one question. Why do you still call these weak and defenseless structures “citadel”?


would be better off living in wormholes annyways.
If you’re too self important to look for allys then why should you be able to hold sov?


If I’m reading this right, this basically says that to own a structure you have to be able to put a fleet on grid across a 6 hour period 7 days a week. This is quite harsh on smaller groups who may only be able to put a decent fleet on grid over the weekends.


Link it to whoever holds the useless flag? Why?

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Dunno, HTFU?

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This might be a good update. Have to see

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These are small, incremental changes - I would like to see some bigger ones, but I recognize these are a first step, and I think they’re in the right direction. But we are nowhere near fixing the time zone tanking problem. At least this reduces some of the pain.


THINK ABOUT CASUAL PLAYERS IN HISEC for gods sake!!! Do you ever get it?

So if you want to go back to the same sort of timing as POS’s then perhaps you need to make these structures able to defend themselves, this is seriously stupid.

In any case this one size fits all attitude in terms of different areas of the game sucks. In hisec you have more casual players and yet you are now pushing the same play on these players that dedicated get up early stay late nullsec CTA players have.

This is absolutely stupid. Hisec is casual, leave the ability to chose the day in hisec.


Dragvlad is crying so you know this is a good patch for the game.

GJ CCP…thank you for removing a little of the bubble wrap…


So says the player who cried about having to defend a war HQ to have a war. That was crying.

I am having a lot of fun with the existing setup in hisec, we recently destroyed a Ganker structure and we just reinforced three enemy structures and am quite happy to go kill them in the existing setup thank you very much.

It is people like you who want to attack them when people are not logged in that are the issue.

Because you have no idea about the game, POS’s used to defend themselves, not very well but they did, if CCP moves in that direction in terms of the attacker then having them sit passive while being attacked is not an option.


Actually you still missed the point on that one but hey, that’s on you.

It is people like you who want to attack them when people are not logged in that are the issue.

Then why do they set their timers when they are not logged in? That sounds stupid. Wait, why are casual players putting up stations? That also sounds stupid.

I bashed those too skippy…try again.


Because not every corp can put a fleet on the grid 7 days a week, which they now have to if they want to defend a structure.
Drak is right here, this makes them easier to bash than POS


I got the point totally, you didn’t like it because someone could shoot it and force PvP on you, tough…

My timer are set to when I am logged in, period. And I want to defend them not have people walk up to them when I can’t be there and stroke their pathetic egos.

Because they give advantages and are needed to declare war, after all war deckers told me that they expected a kill within an hours play, that is casual to me mate.

Did they auto defend themselves, yes or no, deflecting away from the main point which is typical…

PS I am out of here, trying to talk sense to someone who wants to post like a moron is not worth my time. I am going to block you again. Bye bye.


While you are correct, that still doesn’t change the fact that corps should be entitled to stations just because they have the ISK.

POS has their own easier aspects too…careful with the rose colored glasses…

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Yes they did, you could pick the defences off…, but if the defences aren’t firing at all because it’s wednesday and the corp are all still at work or asleep because they have to work the next day it’s irrelevant if the defences can be picked off.
POS could also be packed up before a wardec went live.
POS could have multiple webs and points.
And POS fired on their own. With up to 10-20k DPS

In short, POS had benefits which balanced the fact the stront timer wasn’t predictable and could come out at a time which didn’t suit the defenders. Citadels have far fewer benefits to balance the lack of control on the hull timer that is being introduced here.