[-KIKI] Execution of Office

To Whom it May Concern,

In recent years, it has been a pleasure and a privilege to work with some of the empyrean community on matters of State foreign affairs. As the executive officer of Kaashivon Iltakya Koteisen, it has been my charge to interface with the CBT in order to enforce contractual accountability upon the executives of State corporations, Lai Dai in particular. This duty now falls to Ikanaiki Orika Hekki.

As my final official act, I wish to express my thanks to those legal professionals at CBT who facilitated our efforts, as well as my regrets to the baseline workgroup who were adversely affected by my statements and decision making. KIKI is in capable hands, and I trust that the continued effort to enforce the spirit of Caldari law upon all citizens, including the Executives, will go on in earnest. Hekki-haani now relieves me, effective immediately.

Citizens, remember who you are.


Heiwari Insaika


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