Kikimora question

Is it a kiter or brawler? I see different fits all over the place.

people use them both ways, i prefer kiter.

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I use it mostly as a kite ship. Unless I’m bot hunting and range isn’t an issue.

It can be both - as many ships are. Which depends on three things:

  • Can you maintain range outside the effective weapon range of your intended target?
  • Is the target large with large weapons that will struggle to hit a small close fast orbiting target?
  • Your preference to brawl or kite.

The Kikimora is fast so can hold range reasonably well and since it has a destroyer’s range bonus it can kite effectively.
It’s fast and nimble so can speed tank closer in where the Triglavian bonuses to Neuts and (to a lesser extent) smart bombs can start to put real pressure on the target.
Flying as part of a fleet of Triglavian ships gives you a strong mutual remote repair option as well.

Sorry if that’s a very Eve answer: “both, it depends…” but some ships are like that and the Kikimora is one of them.

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