Kill Marks

It causes laughs.

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Now this is something I’d love to see

I have 110 KM on my Absolution and you are welcome to come see them anytime. Mail me in game if you want!

I only want to see them on your kill mail

I think I could tell if they were fake


Eve has the biggest broken kill recording/trophy mechanic in the history of the known universe. All those embarrassments of players that keep ranking top killers on every statistic website pretty much explains why that is. Any half-baked solo player will kill any “top killer” left-handed while thinking of which fastfood joint to go to next for dinner.

Killmarks are useless, easy to exploit and the best players (solo players) are the ones most likely to loose ships (for obvious reasons too).

Even if for some miraculous reason top solo players are able to maintain ships with dozens of legit killmarks, the simpleton Eve player of today worries more about some useless Carrier that was popped by 500+ people…

tl;dr: Killmarks are useless.

I think you are saying because useful information is not readable by the new and gullable that makes it useless

If you have a Cormac’s Modified Pepe, now would be a good time to use it to derail this thread.

I want to be able to see how many kill marks my ship had when it died, I don’t care that much how many kill marks other people have though it would be a statistic of minor interest, one certainly not important enough to be worth farming to make it look artificially good 99% of players do not artificially boost their KB 99% of Code do, so that leave 1 in 10 000 players that might fool you.

I’d rather have the killmarks put on my toon. Maybe one feather per kill. Try to build a war bonnet, travel around systems showing it off to everybody in Local. :wink:

The only thing your character does has now been removed we must now stay in pod and never enter the captains quarters. I was looking forward to players 3D characters being expanded into something more not removed but I guess that is a different topic. If that topic exists someone kindly link it, I feel like I could manage a small rant about it.

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