Kill my ship in VH on the PTS server. This is it legal?

i had my keepstar destroyed in wormhole space and you just lost a ship. ccp ignores these kind of issues

It’s definitely annoying when people are dicks like that, but to be fair it’s probably the lowest priority problem CCP ever has.

as long as lost ship is not supercarrier or titan its fine. pvp happens on sisi alot… still cant understand why my keepstar got killed. keepstar was in one of moveme wormhole…

sadly we dont have moveme to any c1 hole but would be fun to put keepstar in it.

i am simulating production of fortizar in c1 now to see how hard is it and yes solo fortizar on c1 would be time and resource waste, but yes it can be done. s im doing this for test,building fort in c1.

next my sisi step will be keepstar production to see how long solo takes to build keepstar :smiley: and maybe wilhost sisi test to see if c1 keepstar can be killed fast [citadel will be unmaned]

why would you not just haul it in?

fortizar is 80k cargo, deep space transport cargo is around 62k. well i could not haul the fort to c1,needed to build it but took me total 10days producing components so yes solo fortizar is doable. takes total three weks to have fort in c1 JUST SOLO. with grop it would take just max 10-12 days

my wormhole was not far from rens and i left orca at entrance full of compressed asteroids to pick the ore with impel,half of hour d didnt elapsed and got killrights earned notification. some1 probed my orca and attacked it,i seen stratios wreck nex to my orca. … this is really annoying.

hint: never stay titan outside jita 4-4 goons will shoot it just for lulz, collcted 149 killrights.


an Orca can be blown up to 80k m³ cargo - will that fit through your static?


not a c1 it wont

It is the test server. I can see why CCP doesn’t want to police the rules given it is transient and not supported. Its primary purpose is for CCP to test things, not the players, so it’s kinda nice they give so much access at all.

Still, for the same reason it makes no sense that people are jerks this way. They aren’t gaining anything, so if they want to shoot something, just spawn something in to shoot and leave others to whatever it is they are doing.

Perhaps the best would be to flip the rules so PvP is allowed everywhere on the test server except a handful of systems, where no combat is allowed at all and an automated system bans people who engage other players. Yes, that would mean consensual fights might be open to disruption, but the test server isn’t for any of these purposes anyway. Maybe provide Thundersdome access for consensual fights.

Meh, as @R4d1o4ct1v3 said, this has to be the lowest priority for CCP. Bottom line: use the test server at your own risk.

c1 hs static has max jump mass of 20mill kg so maximum is DST ccan go . no for orca. sadly ccp does not want make freedom in moveme,so could use moveme to gt my TQ wormhole … well someone other than me drained the wormhole out of content and now im in empty c1.

since moveme wormhole sucks maybe some1 can share with me a c1 hole with full of ore sites? plan is to build fortizar in it then rorqual i want to test something with it.

i was already trying moveme for wormhole testing but it was really hard to find a hole with sites for testng,i gave up after six hours of rolling wormholes. . is it hard to find wh on sisi with lots of cotnent to test :confused:

and i agree the agressing ouside testing system is major issue but due to nature of test server the pvp outside test system has lowest priority s ccp is not reacting to said issues…

ccp/isd f you read this please do small favor to all and improve the moveme command to let us access any system we want with commandline/moveme systemname or /moveme jcode . so this way we can access evry wormhole without need to roll them for hours. the moveme change would give us best option to test things better

If the Keepstar exists on TQ it will reappear after the next mirror. Structures that don’t exist on TQ will disappear after a mirror.

just saw again multiple dreads in my sov system at my ihub. there was some people on locals with identical name but just other numbers so lets say bottle1 bottle2 bottle3 etc. i did came in with shuttle and got targetted by all of them and they started to apply damage,sadly my shuttle did not die. i orbited them for some seconds while they try to shot down my shuttle and after like 2-3 minutes after that they sieged off and warped back to testng system

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