Kill rights market

  • Remove the ability to place bounties on players as it currently exists. It’s pointless anyway.
  • Make kill rights tradeable, and provide a marketplace for trading kill rights,
  • Similar to contracts, you can either request payment for passing on the kill right, or you can pay someone to take on the kill right (essentially a replacement for the bounty system).
  • Selling the kill right has an instant transaction.
  • Paying someone to take on the kill right only triggers the transaction on execution of the kill right before it expires (like a bounty payout).
  • There could be a fee for expanding the kill right to your fleet, increasing per person included.

(This can also be taxed, adding an additional minor ISK sink)

I have a question. As I understand your proposal, there would be no way, under your proposed change to express an opinion on the quality of…say, as a humorous example, someone’s “smack talk”? Right now, if a player “smack talks”, and you don’t like the quality of that “smack talk” you can put a bounty on them, as an express of your opinion.

So, this option would disappear entirely. Is that right?

Kill rights are only issued by Concord for criminal aggression, not social aggression. :slight_smile:

This question is not a judgement of your proposal, I’m just trying to understand the “limitations” of it, in comparison to the current system.

This is almost entirely true :grimacing:

This wouldn’t be very useful - in practice it’s better to make killrights globally available, that way you increase the likelihood of both purchase and the target being destroyed. Making it global also increases the likelihood of getting an injection of outside cash (whereas this would no be the case if it were restricted to a corp or alliance, for example).

Since the killright is not consumed if the target is not killed, then this is also not necessary.

Problems per the above.

Killrights themselves aren’t usually very attractive mostly because:

  1. There’s little incentive or opportunity to use non-scam killrights
  2. Many players are wary of killrights since so many (most?) are scams

The above proposals do not address the scam aspect of killrights. At least bounties scale with destruction in bonties, whereas this is not the case in killrights (should it be???)

Both bounties and killrights need a lot of love, but this is not the way (I agree with a lot of your other posts, though!)

You can already buy kill rights. And no-one is going to pay any kind of significant amount just to kill someone like that. So, you’ll be selling these things for an amount so insignificant that it’s not worth your time or energy. Jita vicinity is full of guys with kill rights you can activate for ISK. There is no market for it.

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It would not allow for that as I have written it. Please feel free to propose an adjustment :grin:

I posted here to get some feedback on whether it would work or not, so I appreciate your thoughts.

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