Proper player kill contracts as an alternative to player bounties

Proper player kill contracts as an alternative to player bounties.

Players could make a public or private contract (time limited) for kill contracts out on players.

Make bounty hunting a real profession.

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Yes, great idea. Have not heard of it before ever. Killrights for ISK are a wonderful idea.

One question: What kind of limitations do you have in mind. Surely you don’t want to allow killrights on people that have not committed any act in a game-mechanical sense that warrants such an action. But limitation would defeat the purpose of a kill contract as you can already engage criminals and pirates freely.

This brings me to a follow-up question: What’s the point then?

The contracts could be for any item, not just ISK.

Kill contracts is not the same as war on a corporation or crime and punishment, it is player to player dispute resolution.

They can be limited to players only, not corps or alliance contract creation.

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Nothing stopping you giving someone isk for attacking someone.

Why is the contract even needed?

To formalise and time limit the contract kill rights.

It also ensures the reward is held in escrow for payment.

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You talk a lot of non-sense all the time but this beats everything. This contract will not be used for “dispute resolution” in 99.9% of the cases. It will be used to farm Marauders, freighters and other shiny things. Just like Conduit Jump is not being used to bring BLOPS on the battlefield, as CCP envisioned this feature, but to get out of a system for cheap and without risk.

wheezes uncontrollably

You talk a lot of non-sense all the time but this beats everything.

First you do a personal attack on me, defamation, now you edit your way out of it.

The “defamation” is still there. Sue me if you want. You could use one of your shiny kill contracts to do that. :wink:

keeps wheezing uncontrollably

So the contract will give full payout for an empty pod?

I mean this should be part of setting up the contract.

Who the contact is available to.

Who the target is.

Total isk pool.

%of kill value to pay out

Maximum payout per kill

Duration of contract.

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One contract, one kill, not limited to ISK, it can be also for item rewards too. 1 contracting player, one target, one bounty hunter accepting contract for the time limit and task. No % of this or that shared with many. 1 on 1. Keeps it simple, limited and precise. Once the kill is done the contract ends, once the contract times out, it also ends.

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So the hunter can just team up with the target, pop its pod or corvette then share the reward? :thinking:

Sure, that would be difficult to prevent, just like all the other “teaming up” on other features.

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Yeah, why implement a modular system that could cover a variety of situations when we could make it so limited it isn’t even needed.

You can already do what you’re asking for without the need of contacts.

But you have no gurarantee the payout will come, that is what the contract is for, to escrow the reward items/isk and to ensure you get it, and to time limit the contract and for the specific parties.

You can still go out and gank people freely if you wish and do crime and punishment, that won’t change.

You don’t have to use contracts, it just formalises the rest.

We can already sell kill rights in a limited way already as a result of crime and punishment.

No need to formalize. People adjust do this sort of thing regularly. Just don’t make deals with people you don’t trust

Or we can add the option to allow formalising it with a contract, then you can decide and pick what works for you.

So long as it’s in an extremely basic and limited form right?

I already said it is 1 and 1 and time limited, as contracts are. No corps, no alliance, players only. There is three parties.

Yes an extremely basic and limited form of the contract. It’s so limited that there is almost no reason to use it.