Proper player kill contracts as an alternative to player bounties

The use is that you have a formalised agreement that is honoured on completion.

You obviously won’t be using it, don’t worry.

Yeah, but in such a way that the parameters of the contract don’t fit 99% of bounty hunting.

“Kill this guy once and get x”

I have never come across this. Not only is the target the majority of the time an organization not an individual, I can’t think of a single time it was just kill him once in any old thing.

We have had ships that were the target, normally suppers. But never just kill Bob idc what he’s in. Most commonly it’s kill them over x period of time either for a single lump sum or % of damage inflicted. Then you will sometimes have full or partial SRP negotiated.

Contacts could help get more people involved in this but your idea is even to limited for the most basic bounty need.

Automation would be the biggest selling point of bounty contracts with accessibility being the second.

The community already has trusted Middle men when working with a group you don’t trust and often times they aren’t needed because not following through hurts both parties in the long run. It’s too the point that the vast majority of the time payment will be upfront or month to month if it’s a lump sum. We don’t need the game enforcing the terms.

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