Killed on SISI server by titans outside of M-O combat system (Rule 2 violation)

Was part of a SISI op to practice a fight within TEST alliance, started fighting and then go dropped on by multiple CO2 titans and died along with my entire fleet, there was no consent for PVP

i got almost ganked in delve when was trying to run 10/10 with bling navy battleship i got dropped on undock with 15 co2 titans and 5 supercarriers… i docked up…half hour later this happened again. decided to explore lowsec and went to intaki system to check the station with npc fleet on one of and got dropped aswell. … cannot ever scan signatures in new eden because someone comes in light cyno and eject titans.

CCP made WRONG decision by seeding capital components… force players to craft components before building your titan,right now sisi is not test server but blob server.

fights outside m-o ae constant and unstoppable. and ccp never enforce rules at all, just blocking skill extracting on sisi for non m-o combat agression.

well. there is workaround to test stuff without getting titans on head… go to npc station in npc region buy stuff and go to unclaimed sov drop small pos fuel it to fit entosis on noobship drop tcu ihub and entosis them then pod express home [angel npc nullsec example] take next freighter load with what you need and go to your sov system.

hint - USE CYNO JAMMERS in claimed sov. both citadel and pos ones.

I see… well that sucks, because although we got to shoot titans and kill them, it delayed our op by almost an hour, annoying everyone because of our limited time. We even bridged out of M-O so we wouldn’t get messed with while we did our skirmish. Really wish some action would get taken on the issue.

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