Loss of titan to non-consensual pvp in J-GAMP

I went to test some things on Sisi im my Avatar class titan, to avoid pvp i left the M-O system and entered the system of J-GAMP. Upon decloak i was tackled by a devoter class heavy interdictor and after a period of 5-8 mins a fleet of other titan and supercarriers engaged me. I warned the other player that i did not agree to consensual pvp in that system and what he das doing was against test server rules, but he just ignored that and killed my titan.

Is there any chance i can get my titan back as i use it oft for training exercises with corp mates




Those are the rules as I understand it too, unless something has changed.

Submit a ticket, shouldn’t be an issue, as far as the perps CCP should deal with them and hopefully ban them from the test server.

i was pointed here after by the gm after submitting a ticket

read other rule violation threads. ccp does noitthing and offenders kep doig this. sadly sisi rules does not work,they are not enforced

Some players stupid enough to grief someone even on test server? Eve was game of intelligent people, not anymore.

What do you mean?
People have been killing others on the test server without consent since 2006.
I was there. I did it.

i’m not after punishment for the offender, though it would be nice.

My main concern is getting my titan back before the next mirror as i use it to teach others in my corp

Sounds like you’ve taught them a valuable lesson in how to get caught?

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