Killing NPC'S should drop body's in space

It would be pretty cool if NPC’S we kill drop bodies.

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If that so then I’ll have to uninstall eve and play other game cuz my computer can’t process all of those floating bodies when I do combat site
Same as escape pod

I’d be content with half decent loot drops from NPC wrecks. If we’re going to be ejecting bodies, though - can we at least have the accompanying screams?



Npc players do , shoot those instead.


You mean bots? :smiley:

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Obligatory “Eve has sound?” meme. :zipper_mouth_face:

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Based on:

A BS has at least about 200 people on board and a survival rate of best case, 50%. So at least 100 people die in the ship destruction.

Now let’s assume that escape pods contain enough of a warp drive to get you off grid, so you are “safe”. No need to render these objects.

Now let’s say 75% of those who die do not leave enough of a corpse to find. Space combat is… messy.

So that is still 25 bodies floating around per BS. Take a mission like Angels or Gurista Ex and you would see 150 or so corpses from BSes alone after clearing most pockets. Yeah… My PC would hate that, so I’ll pass.

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In local everybody can see you cry :expressionless:

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Though that is completely a voluntary (and consensual) participation. :wink:

No. It wouldn’t.

Let the bodies hit the floor… Is all I can think of for this thread.

Now bodies or body parts as a new item contained in the wrecks sure why not. Arms, legs, torsos, heads and full bodies available. But imo itd be kinda a waste if there wasnt a reason for it in game other than gore factor or stuffing wrecks.

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