Very true , our doctrines have slowly been changing , let’s see how it plays out

If only your doctrines changed from saving gluttonous high-sec PvE-grinding locusts (and as mentioned further below, null-sec blue-donut ISK farmers) to protecting corporations from threats in various areas of space, such as via war-dec assistance and fighting against low-sec piracy. As in, you know, helping players who actually need it instead of those who remind you of your own losses to suicide-gankers purely out of spite?

But that would require you to actually fight, instead of merely shooting outlaws before the NPC cops finish the job. Hmm… :thinking:


Many (most?) of the freighter and jump-freighter losses to HS ganks are pilot alts of NS characters. Many of HS pilots are themselves alts of NS/LS/WH characters too. This is just a comment for reference when people refer to “highseccers” getting ganked.

Carry on… :grin:

Ganking is also a kind of bussiness. Maybe AG can also just shoot the loot to deprive the gankers from it.

Yes you are right, we have trips out at least once a week to low, hunting low sec pirate, gate camp busting too and I’d love to do war assist but can you imagine how many war Dec’s we would get .
In fact we was talking about this in corp a short time a go ,how to go about this.
We keep trying new stuff when time and numbers allow , had a really good op last week , purely helping someone and managed to keep a fleet of 15 to 20 players going for about 3 hours with people coming and going but that’s not that interesting for people to read about here.

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Take a look at stuff we do

We are trying out a new bounty hunting sys too , take a look and see what you think


Aside from latching on to some light null-sec blobbing by one or two of your members, your kill board activity doesn’t adequately represent the ambitions you present in your corporate recruitment ads. This isn’t an attack, but honest feedback, and is the reason why I decided against putting an alt into your corporation. Your activity is predominantly composed of high-sec AG operations. Your methods entail zero combat, rely on NPC forces, and don’t help those who truly need help.

It is of course your right to run this sort of corporation, but I believe it’s a huge waste of potential. You could have been an established mercenary force by now.

Inb4 tears about the wreck HP buff

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Give us time and we have many new players , low sec pirate hunts are newish for us and we have alt we use ,so not showing up in our corp info.

Over the past months ganking has changed and so is our corp focus, trying new things is the key , some will work others won’t but I don’t think we want to be Merc like we have in eve right now.

And do check out our new Bounty hunter system, just started and creating content for us already, we will see how that runs

Astral Battle did some anti-merc activities at times, helping friends or alt corps of our members when their structures were war-decked. Or enticing certain war deckers to come for us and catching them when they were not expecting it. However I would advise you to get to a critical mass of players and abilities before you do that because war deckers often work with the gankers, we saw that multiple times. And they will gang up to take you down.

We defeated several war deckers but could not deal with the biggest war decker.

LMAO, I was pointing out that the gankers got a mechanic changed when they could not deal with it. The tears of the gankers for a brief period were glorious as was the fix happening so quickly.


Yes I know what will happen the very moment we get any structure

Best to concentrate on AG and doing low sec roams and stuff like that, be difficult to pin down and force into something that suits their tired and static play. That they cannot war dec you will annoy them immensely. We only had a structure up on Astral Battle because it was fun wasting their ISK with a POS.

It was hilarious baiting Khromus into war decking us by taking the mick in local and then pulling the structure as soon as it went live. The couple of kills just before one of the war decs ended were even better…

Yes very true , we are taking things slow , trying out new things to see how it runs.

One thing I’d like to try on some of the big groups is

Ffs phones playing up I’ll finish this when home

This would not help with funding the effort. If you want effective AG, you need to attract people to do it. Altruism is not very common among EvE players. :wink:

I’m simple minded. I just want to support AG as part of my ingame hobby. Saving pve’rs in HS or defeating gankers is not my purpose.:slightly_smiling_face:

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I didn’t want to join a merc group…

Oh god…

Watching carebears pretend to have been elite PvPers and claim to have beaten some of the best players in the game’s history is such a cringe moment.

Like…I tried to imagine being in their shoes and acting this way in a desperate attempt at stealing valor and seeming relevant and I literally shuddered in real life and had one of those autonomous bodily reactions that occur when people think about these things, lmao.

(not aimed at Githany & Co.)

My point is that you could’ve been running your own right now, with a combat history and a reputation backing it, like Noir.

who is doing that, ok forget that

very true, we have some old player with isk , the main thing we need is people in pods…

KUSION will laugh at this.:thinking: I’m amazed with the multiboxing skill of that guy.:face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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