Knowledgeminer Vs Dracvlad thread

Since you posted in it this must include you … and me. :laughing:

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He does strike me as Tora-ish.

But maybe everybody wants to be Tora?

I want you to define what a White Knight is and why you think I am one, for a start I am not going around saving females so cross that off your list. You made a statement then ran away and Shae is blocked by me anyway. So get to it.

The concept that you pushed on me is incorrect, in this game I want people to protect themselves, something I do very well myself thank you, however I will go after mechanics which make it impossible to do it and bumping is the one I am focussed on. After that I think ganking would be in a good place as people in freighters would have more counters, especially solo haulers. So why does that make me a white knight.

As for being disappointed with me as you do not think I am a reasonable poster, I can live with that. In any case most of the time I am reasonable, but when people give me an opportunity like Knowledgeminer did with his bad posting I will chose to pick him up on it.

Yes he does, the same level of aggression too, but he has started to post like Linus Gorp too by dropping Pyscho babble into posts. Should I go up to 70% Tora and 60% Linus?

I have a fair number of them blocked too.

@Knowledgeminer you took the CSM candidates post and turned it into a meme post and totally out of context to score a point which makes you the dishonest one. There is nothing dishonest about my post, I have had suspicions about you for a long time, and all I did was take something out of context which was your close working relationship with Marmite, that you based in Balle where Marmite was based, and have since moved when they folded and the way you deal with people which is very similar to Tora and gave a 60% chance that you were indeed him.

As you might know as you could be him, Tora has a very large number of accounts and did do a lot of infiltration etc.

PS This block facility in this forum is excellent as it even blocks their quoted posts, excellent job by CCP Falcon.


That second part is indeed why I would see you as a white knight of high sec. It makes you stand out, as not many people do that on these forums. Most others who want a safer high sec are mostly posting with a ‘PvP = bad’ kind of mindset and not worth listening to.
And as why fighting for safer high sec mechanics for haulers makes you a white knight: I don’t think these people who rig their haulers for carghold size or haul without the proper precautions are a damsel in distress that need saving.

The second part is that even if I didn’t agree with what you’re trying to accomplish, you stayed reasonable as far as I could see. But that stopped once you made a thread attacking someone personally for making a completely logical observation in another thread.

So for you going after a bad mechanic that makes the game imbalanced makes me a white knight? Seriously.

I do not have this:

I have done a lot of PvP in this game.

Did you notice that I would not bother to try to protect people with cargo expanders fit I have stated that a number of times. And my time doing AG was more to oppose the easy farming that these people did with freighters using this mechanic and not to save poor people, though there was a couple of people that I got to know and they did mean something more to me.

So when you make these assumptions on people you know nothing about with a buzzword you drop down to a very bad level.

So when people throw white knight at me they just look dumb. And there is a lot of dumb in these forums. By the way I have taken time to explain this to you because I don’t think you are one of them.

There was nothing reasonable about Knowledgeminers post, the OP made a comment about 100% chance of loss and that he wanted it to be more like 50% chance of getting away, he turned that into the OP wanting to put a chance based mechanic into the game. That was utterly wrong and what I took exception to, and it was all based on a meme that they created to attack this player. So if you think that is logical then I have to say that my thought of you being a more reasonable chap goes out of the window.

And they wanted to foul up the CSM candidates thread with such posts which is why I took it here. I noticed that Knowledgeminer continued to post there but I ignored him. You should remove those rose tinted glasses :stuck_out_tongue:

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There, that is the post. She did say it. She did not elaborate or clarify what she meant. Keeps dancing around, dodging, calling everyone asking for clarification trolls and gankers.


And would you say from that, that the OP was calling for a chance based mechanic to be put in the game when people were ganking.

And that is what I found so outrageous.


Note: I said you stand out as one of the few who fight for high sec mechanics who does not have the ‘PvP = bad’ mindset. :wink:

The point is, like I wrote in my post above and like many others have posted, I see no way to make a gank fail 50% of the time when the gankers only take on ganks that they are sure to succeed (except when someone baits them), unless the game introduces a RNG mechanic. Asking for a 50% chance of getting away IS pretty much equal to asking for a chance based mechanic.

If you think otherwise, please tell me how you think a 50% chance of survival (for people who already made the mistake of getting caught in the first place) can be created without introducing a chance based mechanic.


Thanks, see I am right about you being more reasonable.

No it is not, take my issue with bumping, that makes the chance of getting blown up close to 100%. Without it the chance is less than 100%. Am I calling for an arbitrary chance based mechanic? No I want this mechanic changed to stop giving such a large advantage.

Stop and analyse what you just said above, it is wrong on so many levels. Neither myself or the candidate have asked for such a thing but you are suggesting that we are. Seriously…

In the CSM threads I have asked three different candidates who have defined themselves as hisec this question and detailed my issue with them. Go and have a look.

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Yes, because when several people talk to you the same way and give you the same “psycho babble” it of course has to be because they must all be the same. No way it could be because of some other reason…

No, that’s not what I did, that’s what you pretend I did and keep repeating as if repeating it again and again would make it true, completely ignoring the evidence that’s there for all to see, which is what makes your attitude so incredibly retarded…

YOU are the one lying and purposely taking out of context what I said as evidenced in this thread by pretending I said it in reply to something you quoted some posts above that is obviously not what I was replying to in the other thread…

ROFLMAO. :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Yes, yes, you should, well done… too bad I haven’t been able to prove you’re right yet…

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It is Pyscho babble and insulting your own intelligence.

As I have pointed out a number of times no psychiatrist worth anything would ever diagnose anyone based on forum posting and when you lot do it you just look ultra dumb and desperate.

That is what you did, I detailed it here, you took what the CSM candidate said and took it out of context in a dishonest way, mis-representing what was said. You can lie through your teeth. But it is there in black and white.

Since you have been active in the AG channel you seem to have gone out of your way to upset as many people as possible. It might be because you are socially inept, but in Eve anything is possible.

No, I haven’t gone out of my way to do that. I’m glad and proud I upset the kind or people I upset and helped make the AG channel much better than it used to be precisely because of that crap.

That has to be the reason, indeed, there is no other possible explanation…

Socially inept then, I also noticed that you could not work out when people were joking and went off on rants at very obvious jokes multiple times.

That is of course your opinion, in a community channel one should educate, but insulting them at the same time does not generally help things. Socially inept is a good definition I think.

I had my spy alt in and around Marmite a number of years ago, there are similarities, it is rather amusing to me at least…

PS Another hidden reply.

ROFL. I love how easy it is to make you go make a fool of yourself again and again. You’re so dishonest and intellectually impaired that all it takes is to make you believe you have something you might throw at your opponent, even if it’s completely irrelevant and has nothing to do with the issue at hand…


I’ve never, ever, insulted anyone there that hadn’t insulted me or someone else first, you fool.

In all cases it was always a rational and conscious decision on my part to show them how wrong their behaviour was by talking to them the same way they were talking to others themselves. There even was recently a minerbumping 2-part story that perfectly illustrates this for those that may have missed it.

Another funny thing about this stuff (also illustrated there) is that there always used to be one participant or another in the channel that would claim I’m the disrespectful one, completely ignoring how disrespectful the other one had been first, for the sole reason that he happened to agree with what the truly disrespectful one was saying, exactly as our beloved Dracvlad is doing.

Indeed it is… for the ones that insult other players for the sole reason that they blew up their ship in a spaceship shooting game… and for those that white knight them too, you fool…

ROFLMAO. Hey @Karak_Terrel, look, I managed to get my own share of this crap too. May I claim the prize for having exposed everything Dracvlad is capable of in a single thread, or there is still something else I might be missing?

Note that I managed to do that by claiming he was right and hence there was no need for him to try to prove or justify his claims. Imagine what I could accomplish by being adamant that he is wrong about this… :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


But I am doing that already, what do you mean? :rofl:

LOL, no, this is a lot of fun and that by itself would be a good enough reason to reply to him (but not to make fun of babies and other kind of retards).

But it also serves another, more practical, purpose, namely to clearly show what kind of “participant” in these forums Dracvlad is, so anyone interested may simply refer to this thread in the future to prove it to others that may have missed it… :wink:

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Why are you blocked by so many people in the AG channel?

Take this exchange as a good example, you start off by mis-representing what someone said and going off on a tangent attacking the player concerned with something they never said. You get picked up on that then you get all emotional in that thread.

I create this thread to do back to you what you did to the other player and you get really emotional and send me mails and start the Physcho babble and other insults.

You have issues mate.

Exactly, why? Let us all know why do you think it is, please… Or ask any of them and then post it here if you want to make less of a fool of yourself if you prefer…

Indeed it is.

You think you’re gonna make anyone believe this crap? By repeating it again and again and expecting others will ignore the facts for the sole reason that you’ve decided to ignore them yourself? Really? :rofl:

LOL, you created this thread because you think (with 60% certainty) that I could be Tora, remember? And you may try backpedalling from that all you want now, but it’s pretty easy to see for anyone bothering to check the facts rather than believe whatever nonsense you decide to throw at them.

You really need to read that “psycho babble” called psychological projection to understand why you’re claiming others have the mental issues that you have. But of course you won’t. And even if you did you wouldn’t be able to understand it anyway, so you’ll keep projecting your own intellectual shortcomings on others again and again and not even realise you’re doing it…

EDIT: I forgot to comment on this mail thing that Dracvlad keeps talking about.

I sent a mail to some players in my private channel to inform them of what I think of Dracvlad, referring them to these threads so they could see for themselves, and also in case they saw something related in AG channel that made them wonder what’s going on.

The in-game mail system doesn’t have a CC option, so I also included Dracvlad in the list of recipients as a courtesy he doesn’t really deserve, but I decided to do anyway.

This fool that keeps saying I mis-represented what the OP said in the other thread, is actually mis-representing what I did as an act of courtesy to him that he didn’t deserve, as if I was “sending mails to him” because I got “really emotional”…

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Again your inability to see people taking the P, I used your logic to take the P. And as normal you cannot see it.

I have just noticed this little gem:

I just called it Pyscho babble and indicated that it was incredibly stupid to link such things as if you were able to analyse people. Nowhere have I indicated that anyone has mental issues. Being socially inept like you look to be, is not a mental issue. You have issues mate and need to chill out.

Seeing as you are lying about the mails I will include them as a picture:

People can decide for themselves if I am an idiot or not, they don’t need you to tell them that.

I left your channel a long time ago, and you were also the person to start mentioning this in the AG channel. Which again shows something about you, I thought it rather pathetic that you started to talk about it there, especially as it would have more of an impact on you.

I fully endorse this thread. Let’s keep these guys busy here (less free time to post elsewhere).

I’m also curious to see just how long this goes…

Please, no moderation.

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You fit right in.