Knowledgeminer Vs Dracvlad thread

@Knowledgeminer give it your best shot tiger!

60% possibility you are a Tora alt…


Hey @Tora_Bushido, Dracvlad didn’t tag you so you might notice (I presume because, since I’m you, that’s not needed), so I did… Would you mind to post here to “confirm” I’m an alt of you, so we may all laugh at this fool for a while? Please… :grin:

Also, for those interested in the fun here and wanting to know what this nonsense is about, but not willing to read the whole thread that Dracvlad linked, it all started with my reply to the OP in that thread here.

Enjoy. :rofl:


You did notice that I said a 60% chance. And I am man enough to admit if you can prove me wrong, so get to it.

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Oh no, I did notice you only said 60%, and what I’m hoping to be able to “prove” is that you’re right, not that you’re wrong… :rofl:


Prove to me that you are not Tora, I have it that there is a 60% chance that you are an alt of Tora. Which reminds me of this:

And from this you decided that the OP was asking for a chance based system, ROFL. So if that is the case my suggestion that you are 60% likely to be an alt of Tora is totally valid based on your logic.


You didn’t read (again) what I just said in my previous post, did you? I’m trying to prove that you’re right, not that you’re wrong…

No, I didn’t decide it from what you just quoted here. I decided it from what I quoted in the other thread, which you’ve so conveniently not quoted here, but which is there in the link I provided for everyone to see if interested…

You’ve just proven again who is the one being dishonest here about what others say or don’t say…

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You decided that the CSM candidate wanted a chance based system based on that, so from the fact that you worked with Marmite I decided that there is a 60% chance that you are a Tora alt following your logic.

You are totally dishonest. and butthurt to boot.


Again, it’s not something I “decided” based on that. This is a lie no matter how many times you repeat it. I did quote what the OP said in the other thread that was relevant to my reply there. It was something else you’re conveniently not quoting here.

But the funny thing is you keep talking about it as if anyone interested couldn’t simply just go check it for themselves, which just proves what a fool you are…

LOL. Just in case anyone wonders, my “working with Marmites” so far has been hunting/killing suspects together, bumping war targets at gates that I happened to have marked for being gankers (e.g. Goons), and having in my private AG channel one of them that happened to have been AG in the past too…

But yes, don’t let you be fooled. Your “reasoning” following MY own logic, together with what I said in the other thread in reply to something the OP said there (not what you quoted here) would be good proof that I’m Tora. Only I cannot conclusively prove it yet, but hopefully I will soon, be patient.

Yes, yes, because of course you keeping repeating that is enough for others to believe you and nobody is gonna check the facts. No need to go check what everyone said in the other thread, just believing whatever you decide to say here, no matter how irrelevant, is enough…

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You decided that the OP wanted a chance based system from that, it is total bullshite.

I am just following your logic based on the above.

You decided that… and I decided that, I used the same level of logic as you did.


I’m confused.

Didnt tora try running for csm in the past? And doesnt the candidates have to reveal their true identities? Ergo, wouldnt you be able to know who knowedgeminer really is? By comparing names?

Is knowledgeminer running for CSM? Nope…

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Oh, I thought you guys linked a hisec candidate thread so I assumed you or him or someone was running. Never mind then.

Also I’m fine with a 50 50 chance of gank victims surviving. As long as there is a 50 50 chance of Concord not spawning, and therefore the gankers can keep attacking until the target gets killed, and doesnt lose their ships.

So you are suggesting a chance based system then?

@Knowledgeminer time to give it both barrels!!!


LOL, it’s not a matter of whether you’d want such a chance based system (whether on both sides or not), it’s a matter of whether the OP in that thread did say she wanted victims to have a minimum 50% chance to survive.

I know it may seem silly, but the whole issue is Dracvlad claims anyone saying the OP said what she said and criticising her proposal because of that, is being dishonest and a pathetic troll. You really need to read some of that thread to fully understand what all this nonsense is about.

Yes. When ganking starts, 50 percent chance victim goes into super super reinforced mode, and 50% chance Concord will spawn on grid.

Also, I am sparta-, uh I mean, Tora bushido, knowledgeminer, and dracvlad. I am your alt, stop ignoring me and the truth.

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You decided from what the OP said that they were asking for a chance based system. That is seriously dumb. No matter how hard you try to deflect from your error.


So you want a chance based system then…

You can be whoever you want.


Needed a visual:

Carry on!


The entire freighter bumping thread was an exercise in Dracvlad in running away from his own words, only to make the same debunked claims a few posts later.