Korean gamer being sued by Pearl Abyss(New owners of CCP) for criticizing their business ethics

source: http://daily.hankooki.com/lpage/ittech/201810/dh20181029162004138280.htm

Korean gamer who had been passionately playing Black Desert Online for 3 years

had enough of Pearl Abyss’ horrible business ethics.
He ended up posting all ■■■■■■■■ devs were doing on Korean gaming forum

(inven.co.kr, one of large gaming community forum).

This gamer outed:

1.How devs left a bug on purpose to draw more cash from cash-only item which had caused inflation in the market.

2.How community mods favoring certain players even though they committed ban-able offense on forum

(it turns out mods were favoring those players because they had same political view as mods).

3.How they exploited their own events(giving prize to random fans) like giving a prize to their own devs.

After he posted his criticism on the gaming forum Inven, He was banned from official gaming forum.

Later, he got a summoning letter from a court. Reason was he falsely accused devs from their wrong
doing and intent to hurt their Intellectual Property.

Basically, Korea has this Criminal Code section 307

that can be abused by literally anybody. For Example, many Korean Pop Artists have sued other
people for saying bad things about them(even though it’s true, saying out loud in the public could get prosecuted).

Pearl Abyss have demanded around 1,500,000 Won(basically 15k dollars) to settle without going to the court.

tldr;gamer outed devs for doing shitty job, so devs sued gamer

abusing Korean Law to shut bad press about them.


They’re in for a shock then.


This happens when you criticize the great leader.

This reminds me of Japan and their law about not being able to talk about Fukishima even though they call themselves a free country too. Nowadays everyone calls themselves free, but few actually are.

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Hahahaha omg the publicity for suing is probably not worth the 15k. If they just said sorry you feel that way and put a public counter argument (or apology if necessary with some whatever excuse) they’d be better off.

Idk if I’m okay playing a game that might sue me if I talk about them… CCP thoughts?


What does that tell you about the company that now owns EvE 100%? Yep…everything will be fine…

Pfft, even the USA is definitely not the home of the free, try criticizing Monsanto or some other money bag for our government.



What would happen if you are a US based gamer and do the same thing then file a local lawsuit in the US against their local / US division or publisher if they let something like this slip ?

That’s now OK because a german company bought them.

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I so want to write some stuff here but my post will be modded due to political crap I’d have to write. Dammit. I started and just can’t post it.

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so they’re at least better engineered and more efficient now?


Ha, my post got flagged by others and CCP blocked it when it was simply a comedy skit from an India absolutely nothing obscene or controversial as it is a YouTube video and if YouTube doesn’t see anything upsetting and eve does boy oh boy we are going for safe spaces all the way, soon a EULA regarding micro aggressions.


They clearly just bought the wrong game!


Yup…just like volkswagens…

Welcome to the 3rd World.

So all the people who left Archeage to Black Desert because it was going to be far less pay 2 win got their moneys worth right?

I wonder if Pearl Abyss realizes how but hurt those people were before they even stepped into their game.

That couldn’t of gone over well.

If it’s against the USA they will let you post it

OP is a Cam alt.

PA being :eggplant: like usual.