Kronos Police Skin

The Kronos Police skin essentially blocks out the viewing of acquired killmarks, rendering this expensive skin mostly useless to players wishing to show off their accomplishments. It’s a nice skin, but the killmarks could be changed to black to make them more noticable :slight_smile: Proof Linked below

Haha, first world problems.

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Hahahaha, I literally know dude. Was so heated when I spent like 800m to find out there’s no killmarks on this damn thing.

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Just wait until you accumulate 6+ months of dirt on it…

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Sent you in-game mail

I’d call this a bug. The killmarks need to be rendered after the SKIN, not before the SKIN and regardless of what a SKIN looks like. The devs surely don’t want to cut a hole into every SKIN or shape them somehow around the killmarks for every ship in EVE. It’s simply a matter of what gets drawn first and what gets drawn last.

You should report this as a bug.

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