Kybernaut Activity in Pemene and Arshat

At approximately 02:00 NEST on 08/04 Troika Six Three of Kybernauts Clade deployed from Dodixie in a reinforced cruiser element. Several pilots previously flagged to EDENCOM as Pro-Triglavian capsuleers during the Triglavian Invasion including PJxSlain, Nicholas Kondur, and Bing Kaz appear to have been the command element. The Kybernauts fleet tripped the EDENCOM Gunstar defense network on the gate grid in Pemene, but sustained no losses. They then laid siege to and destroyed the Stellar Fleet Observation Post in that system, breaking the system-wide bonus provided by the structure. After a brief tactical pause to regroup and refit, the Kybernauts fleet invaded Arshat and laid siege to the outpost built around the Dazh structure in system, killing all forces on grid.

Recent EDENCOM chatter suggests that Kybernauts Clade has deployed to other systems to destroy Gunstars and break up EDENCOM fleets found throughout Minor Victory systems.

Intercepted communications from the Kybernauts fleet follows:

“Leave the Gunstars. They can’t break the 72s’ superior logistics. Focus fire on indecipherable.”

“If the Convocation of Empyreans had not indecipherable, we would have tested the Sword of Perun elsewhere. Good luck to them with that moon chunk tomorrow.”

“Inform Headquarters that TTC 72 & 81 XMRCs are performing as expected. Suggest Green-lighting Fleet Commanders to extirpate strategic targets in EDENCOM Minor Victory Systems. Troika Two Seven will continue to collaborate with Troika Six Three to prove the schema for actions in Fortress systems.”

“The captured Dazh in Arshat is considered a high-priority target. We are obligated to ensure Precurser technology does not tip the scales in one empire’s favor. Headquarters is fully behind T63 on this op.”


Hail Triglav!

The Proving begins anew, and the extirpation of both the unworthy and the enemies of the Collective resumes. Hail Triglav.

N. Kondur
Kybernauts Clade

Hail Triglav! May Zorya bless us and show us favor in our endeavors.
The Kybernauts are coming.
Nay the have arrived!

At 22:00 hours Troika Six Three was spotted breaking the Stellar Observation Post in Pemene again. Based on intercepted fleet chatter, Kybernauts intends to destroy the Stellar Observation Post in Pemene until Monday morning to disrupt local mining operations.
Soon after, Troika Six Three destroyed the Stellar Observation Post in Bei as well.

“The Proven shall be Glorified, the Unproven shall be Mortified.”



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