Kybernaut Message regarding World Ark battle in Angymonne

At no point in that article did it say that trigs blow up ships trying to leave the planets, “before Triglavian interdiction made the efforts too dangerous.” Interdiction being the key word here because the term is only used to describe enemy combatants not civilians trying to leave. It simply means that they stopped lifting people off of vale in fears of getting blown up. Also raravoss fell silent because the Amarr are complete idiots who want to fight everything, and well if you punch expect to get punched back.

And with that statement, you’ve proven that, as with most Triglavian supporters, you have no idea what you’re talking about. If you did you’d know, as per Ms. Elkin’s response, that the Triglavians are in fact exterminating and/or abducting some populous and preventing evacuations. The least you could do is stop pretending like you actually know or care about their culture, way of life or goals, and just admit you simply have a desire to damage the Empires, cause chaos or whatever it actually is you want to do.

Hiding behind this idea of ‘change for the better’ is actually more pathetic than simply admitting that you want to watch the Empires burn. The alternative is that you actually believe you know enough about them to be sure they’ll be better ‘rulers’ than the Empires, or that you’re so unsure of your own reasoning you need to pretend you have valid ones.

I’m not sure which makes you the bigger fool. Honestly admitting you just want to burn the Empires would make more sense.


I do. It’s such a wonderful storm of abyssal chaos, and I wouldn’t want it any other way. There’s a very good reason I reside in a Final Liminality, and those skies are a necessity that I find strangely alluring.

These skies may seem unnatural to some, but glorification is not for all. I may very well be insane in your eyes, but what I see is the beauty that comes with the arrival of The Collective. These skies are a wonderful reminder of what I am fighting for; To join the flow of the collective, and for the glorification of The Kybernauts, and Zorya Triglav.

And who are they to dictate morals? One’s moral views are theirs, and theirs alone.

A means to an end. All things come with a cost, and these are the cost of what The Collective seeks.

Only the future will tell, but the anticipation of what will happen next is exciting, and that is one reason I fight for The Collective.

I have already made my choice, and there is no turning back. I don’t know what The State would do if I attempted to go back, but I’m sure it’s not something I’d like to find out.

This is a choice I have made of my own volition. I have no doubt in my mind this is what I want to do, for reasons of my own. Mind weapons or not, as I have stated, there is likely no turning back at this point. If we were to lose this war and us Kybernauts were forced into The Abyss with The Collective (I’m sure we aren’t welcome in New Eden anymore), it very well may be a better fate than what may happen to us in New Eden. As others have said, we’re ‘Traitors of humanity’ in the eyes of the empires and their supporters.

I can’t say that the conquest isn’t enjoyable though, the destruction is a sight to behold.

What is your proof that trigs are currently abducting or exterminating anyone? Please do link rather then make pointless conjectures of what you think is happening.

Even one as hopeful as myself isn’t inclined to think their intentions are purely benevolent.

Populations are NOT being allowed to leave their planets in Liminal systems. However, from any indications, the Triglav likely seek to incorporate the people of their claimed systems into their society. They have no choice in the matter of becoming a part of their faction, as their home systems were “proven” in the direction of the Trigs and as such they see them as objectively, rightfully claimed for them - suns, planets, moons, people, and all.

There is major evidence to suggest that, while the Trigs do not intend to let them evacuate, they are also taking efforts to harden the populations of Liminal systems against the environmental changes wrought by decreased stellar luminal output.

Though contact needs to be re-established with the Sakenta III team , following my podding, what they’ve already encountered speaks well to this prediction.


Do not engage these triangles in any form of discussion. It is a waste of your time writing it, and mine for having to read it.

They do not deserve the time or effort necessary to read and respond to their rhetoric and ■■■■■■■■. They are all excited because they are used to losing. It will stay that way.

The fight continues. Do not let up. Spend more of your time arming then posting.

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I have but one desire. To harvest Isogen-10 and zeropoint condensate. to that end ill do w/e it takes to get it in my hands.

Proof of these “extirminations” should be provided before throwing around such words. Raravoss is the fault of the amarr empire and their zealotrous ways. on that day neither side won. The silence you speak of only came about as nothing but complete extirpation of any and all hostile forces that in my eyes was neccesary for the taking of the system. i am sure every man woman and child fought that day. and as such Raravoss will always remain a tragedy in my eyes but a neccesary objective.

I know nothing about my future within the collective. I do know they have treated me better than any of the four empires and concord have. Through them I have found a community that has accepted me here in new eden since i became a Capsuleer now Kybernaut. Through them we have accepted the true diversity of what New eden has to offer.

I am truly a freeman when I roam the systems claimed in the name of triglav!


Every single system you lose is a system you’ll never get back, every system you keep is just maintaining the status quo so I think you guys are ones that are losing.


You’re winning? You don’t even know what the plan is; we do not know enough about the Triglavian Collective’s goals to say whether they are close to reaching them, and do not know enough to determine whether the catastrophic loss of life they are sustaining is degrading their capabilities more or less than that of the empires.


How do you know that the trigs also don’t have cloning tech? The reason why the empires can sustain such losses is because of cloning tech and I assume the Trigs are the same.

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I was clear, and it’s unlikely despite your bootlicking that you’re any better informed.

You’re certainly labouring under some misapprehensions about the world you live in, while there are capsuleers in service to the cluster’s navies, and there are doubtless personnel considered vital enough for provision of backup clones; despite all that, make no mistake, for tens and perhaps hundreds of thousands each day, dead is dead.

Firstly resulting to insulting in any sort of conversation isn’t a great way to get people on your side in any way. Secondly “hundreds of thousands a day dead” is a really low number considering the new Eden cluster is 100’s of lightyears in each direction with over 10,000 temperate worlds. We also have no idea how Edencom or the Triglavians staff their ships. Considering how many ships the Trigs and Edencom forces have lost at this point (over 100,000) I doubt they are honestly maned by anything more then a skeleton crew considering the high risk of death if they are manned at all. I mean why would you need janitors and maintance personal if the ship isn’t likely to survive for more then a few hours.

You may not like what I have to say, but I’m not resorting to anything– you’re an apologist for an aggressor waging indiscriminate and total war upon the cluster. However vehemently you deny it, this is not conjecture, military observers have time and again (notably earlier this month in Nalvula), seen ready use of orbital bombardment, heavy suborbital and surface weapons to eradicate any resistance.

First there was the impractical claim that the Triglavians, and you on their behalf aren’t killing people because cloning, now skeleton crews; Edencom forces use the extant ship designs of its constituent nations, ship designs we are adequately familiar with to know that even a dangerously undercrewed battleship has a complement of hundreds.

I hope I am wrong in my certainty that you’ll find another rationalisation to trivialise the loss of life both in space and on the planets in the captured systems, but as things stand you give every indication of being among the worst kind of capsuleer, willing to excuse any cost in lives so long as you can win your game.

I am mostly fighiting for trigs so i can stick it up to the amarr and concord

I have been following your report of the logs from Sakenta III team and I am really looking forward to any further news from them. Hopefully, the re-establishment of contact with the team can be successful!