L2 Storyline - Clear the path

Found this post looking for comments about the mission: > Just a quick question. Im a noob at this game and I got this mission, Clearing a Path, yesterday from an npc called Shaita Arushin. i have been having a few problems with L2 missions in my caracal, (still learning the ropes) but am slowly improving.
This was my first L2 storyline mission, but it had ship restrictions that i could not use my Cruiser which i found strange but went off and bought a frig and found a spec online and off i went.
However i found this mission really tough in a frig, to the point that i managed to get past the first wave of 8 frigs by warping in, killing one ship then warping out again, repair, repeat.
However the second wave came along and i wasn’t so lucky and got annihilated and gave up. I looked up the mission online and found that the third wave is 4 cruisers and i thought if i cant kill the frigs how would i manage against them.
I just wanted to post this to get a bit of advice, im sure i must be doing something wrong but im not sure what,

I made similar experiences trying to do that mission with a destroyer. It was impossible to kill the cruisers in the last wave and I had to warp out and get one of my cruisers to do the job.

i’m reading otherwise that a cruiser was perfectly capable, and that the caracal was recommended. what ammo type did you use against them?

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