L4 Missions Need Rewards+

Under 1B loki… is that ultra-blingy? I can drop 300M from the price tag easily enough (need only one faction ballistic control system for cpu saving)

I think you are understating this one. There is a reason why I am considering swapping to paladin… I expect possibility of jumping past 300M+, or even 400M+ by using one.

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Changes in target audience follow changes in games and marketing. When CCP decided to “expand their fanbase” (actual devquote) they’ve put in changes that nerf emergent gameplay and make farmwrs feel safer. They’ve continuously adapted their marketing toward the cows/wales, which caused more of them to come.

It’s not fate. It’s decisions by upper management and the accompanying marketing.

The rest of your post is spot on.


Spotted the guy who doesn’t read books.
Not worth talking to, then.


See if I was better at words, I couldn’t have said it any better than you already have.

But I get bashed for saying something along those lines. +1 trillion


Are you planning on running for CSM next year?

can the CSM change anything ?

Four times I’ve started writing this post,
every time trying a different perspective.

I’m unable to condense it all into a meaningful answer,
partly also because you’re asking the wrong question.

The TL;DR is:

It depends.

There is no wrong question, there are wrong answers.
My question was : do members of the CSM really have an y impact on the game ?

Yes I am. I will have a valid passport by next year, promise. My courthouse appointment is only 5 weeks away now.

Just happened to be reading this the other day:


More specifically this from 6 years ago:

Whether it was true then, or if it’s still true now, I think only the devs could verify the extent of how much collaboration they conduct with CSM…

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Well even as CSM member, you can only do so much. We need to sign the NDA to get a look into the inner workings and I am guessing it will go like this,

CCP: Hey we wanna do this, what’s your take
CSM: Hmm, maybe it’s not a good idea
CCP: Okay coming next patch…
CSM: But…

Or something like this but all the CSM can do is showing us a cute kitten, playing the piano.

I will try to bring up as many issues that I can but I cannot promise that it will change anything or get addressed now or ever.
In the meantime, I will be here nonetheless and bring things up that needs addressing, like triglavian assault ships cough.

You know one good thing about the plex inflation is that you can now train up an alpha and do fleet pvp 24/7 never touching pve content for like 5$ or less a month.

Honest question here out of curiosity. Way back in the past, subscription was the only way to really play the game. Nearly everyone not only had to invest real money into the game, but also their time by earning isk to gain resources to accomplish everything they wanted to do in the game (with the exception of rare profitable PvP, but even they wouldn’t earn isk if others weren’t grinding PvE). So if all people have to do now is put in a bit of money to get isk, and never have to invest any time to earn it, does that cheapen the game in the end? Does losses only have half the meaning it used to?

Eve is about playing the way you want. Success is what you deem it to be, if you want to sub and run l4s and measure you’re success by increased l4 efficiency that’s great. It’s your game. If you want to join karmafleet and spam pvp fights all day and just pull out 5$ whenever u run out of vexors that’s fine too. You can’t tell someone that they have a cheapend experience because it’s not your experience to judge it’s theirs.

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Personally, I’m not judging just FYI. I don’t have any answers myself, just curious on what others opinions might be. Thanks for your informative response.

I sort of wish that there are more items for sale using LP like Ship skins

Care to back that one?

For me anyway

VNI ratting (prefect skills) I’l make maybe 65-70mil/hr
Pimp BS ratting 90-100mil/hr
Carrier ratting T1 drones 90-100mil/hr

Lowsex T4 FW level 4mission, ~250mil/hr …1 million LP in a about four hours, that is if I have to double back and counting mission collection time from 15 agents…there are some isk payouts as well, but I never bothered to track them.

High Sec
Incursions 100-150mil/hr isk and 33,000-5400lp that LP averages 1300isk/LP
Burner Mission blitzing 150-225mil /hr mostly in LP at 14,000 every 10 minutes with a good string of teams and agent burner.
Multiboxed scortched earth running 80-120mil an hour depending on availability throwing 2600dps at a Blockade yeilds +20,000,000 ticks and the mission is worth up to 9600LP with maxed social skills in a 0.5 mission hub.

Note: those mission values go up considerably if you run them in Low or NPC null.

Instead of asking “what’s the right question” you insist on knowing better,
which means there’s no point going on.

Also, the saying is about “dumb” questions, not “wrong” questions.
Sometimes you really should put more thoughts into other peoples posts.

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Great! I want to talk to you.
Give me a time, I’ll be there.

Considering that “… what you want” is an empty, overused marketing scheme,
combined with the fact that there is less emergent gameplay than ever
and that people are playing like EVE’s a collection of mini games,
with most people doing the same uncreative, unoriginal things
with the same stupid goal …

… “play how you want” is ■■■■■■■■.

Furthermore, more often than not, is the wrong idea behind the phrase used by assholes who believe they can demand isolation from others.

It is NOT “play how you want”.
It’s “play how you get away with”.