L4 Raven options

Why on earth are you using Rage missiles? Their damage application is trash in most scenarios. @Archer_en_Tilavine has demonstrated this extensively.

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The fit I am using seems to work pretty well to be honest, why is the Raven rubbish in the typhoon isnt if both use Cruise?

I have a “lecture” on the subject of T2 vs T1/Faction ammo and how/why they’re inferior in most contexts (esp. missiles) complete with damage graphs from pyfa archived in my Discord channels… when I have time I’ll make an article on it and post it on my currently-under-reconstruction website. It’s on my to-do list :sweat_smile:

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The Raven is a fine ship. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. I used to fly the Raven and Raven Navy Issue for many years in missions.

If you can, use drones for smaller objects and your cruise missiles for larger objects like cruiser size and up.

The typhoon is an armor boat and the Raven a shield boat. You decide which one you prefer.

Indeed, my thoughts exactly and that is pretty much what I do, drones for close frigates and cruise for everything else. I run 2 Ravens (main and alt) with the hardeners and drones altered for best damage.

The Raven is a good ship do not let others say otherwise the reason the Typhoon is better as a Cruise boat is down to the Bonus the larger dronebay helps a little as well.

The 7.5% bonus to Cruise Missile and Torpedo explosion velocity bonus on the Typhoon more or less allows Cruise missiles to deal full damage to Destroyers and up.

The Raven has 10% bonus to Cruise Missile and Torpedo max velocity will not help at all in missions as the Rats will never be out of range to start with and the small bit of time saved to hit the target is not as helpful as the Typhoons bonus.

That said both ships work well its just the Typhoon can deal with smaller ships much easier but that will come at the cost of weaker Cap and Tank over the Raven. Over all what ever ship you pick you can run level 4 missions with. That been said i have not looked in to the CNR so not sure if it would be an upgrade or not but i do know the Navy Typhoon is a downgrade based on the Bonus.

The Raven that I use takes out destroyers in one volley so I think ill stick to that. I was thinking of upgrading the the CN Raven at some point but not sure if it is actually worthwhile.

It is, I promise!

The Raven Navy Issue will evaporate NPC battlecruisers with one volley and does nasty things even to frigates.
If you can afford it and fly this monster with torpedoes in lowsec, doing pvp, you can surprise over-eager pilots with the might of the Caldari.

@Archer_en_Tilavine Lay it on us bro

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If you test positive, won’t they lock you up in an isolation ward? You need to think this through.

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The suit gets itchy after a while

Just plain 7 launchers :





I don’t know why people give you such a hard time on these forums, you are very thorough.

I forgot to add the stats (remaining after fit)

raven :

  • 640.5 CPU
  • 5580 PWR
  • 1H7M5L
  • +19.9 GJ/s
  • 38k EHP
  • 112km target

typhoon :

  • 530 CPU
  • 7454 PWR
  • 1H5M7L
  • +20.5GJ/s
  • 37k EHP
  • 103km target

Funny thing, the raven range on fury is ± its targeting range.

Basically, the stats of the two ships are the same, though the raven has a bit more range and the phoon more speed.
However, even if they have same paper DPS, the application bonus of the phoon makes it straight better unless high range is required.

Don’t let @Archer_en_Tilavine see you put shields on a raven… he drug my name through the mud over that … sarcastically of course.

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