L5 pool

(Ind1s) #1


I’ve recently started running L5 here and there. And was wondering if the missions pool and chances were adjusted in recent year or two? I usually try to cherry pick missions but it seems of all the missions I shuffle I get 50% Rogue spy, 15-20% Stray amarr/minnie carrier. And I declined probably around 500 missions so far in the last month. Is there anything else that can affect the mission you get (standings, faction, corp, system, true sec etc)?

(Abyss Azizora) #2

Actually yes, (At least last I checked.) the location where you pickup missions had a massive impact on the ratios and even availability of each mission. (I don’t know why.) I didn’t do much testing with level 5’s, but it was night and freaking day with level 4’s, with it varying almost 60% in mission availability/chance, across 1,000’s of mission runs.

I can’t confirm this is still true, but I did this test from 2014-2016 or so, odds are it’s still the case.