Labor theory of value as it relates to Having fun in EveOnline (Bitter Vets only)

Remember when owning and flying a Vigilant well was something to aspire too? Planning a skill queue to maximize it’s abilities and damage seemed to be a valid occupation in itself. Lowsec roams always quickened the heart rate as everyone wanted to kill it! Eve was glorious in those days…nothing free, no skill points ,+10 boosters or magic ships with 5 roles bonuses and no SP requirements. The more you can get for free, the less value it has.


No. It was boring then and its slightly less boring now.

You can still fly bling ships.

What you still can’t get for free is the knowledge and experience to fly the ship effectively - as demonstrated by CCP Rise flying Vigilant’s little brother Thorax as Vegas Alpha.

While you no longer need to invest cash for character skills unless you want to, you still need to invest time and effort for player skills.

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The current EVE is a mere husk of what was once a great game. Whining bears and bots are running rampant, instant gratification and idiots have infested every corner of the game and CCP is only removing functionality, dumbing the game down and creating new micro transactions.

EVE ain’t dying. It has been dead for a few years already. It’s just a body without a soul that’s left.

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