Lack of Moderation

With the latest round of tests, particularly up to and following the launch of Abyssal Deadspace sites and all the content that goes with it, I can understand if staff are stretched thin as far as making sure all the back-end related fires are put out, the hamsters keep spinning their wheels, etc.

However the issue with people ignoring, and outright flaunting the rules, despite all the clearest indications of what they are is becoming too much.

While I can only speak for the 6-CZ49 system in this case, it is a recurring and frequent problem where people are breaking the ‘no aggression within 500km of the station’ rule, and there is simply no recourse for testers to gain support from a moderator, or any other form of oversight to enforce the test server rules.

I would like to hope that as things stabilize for TQ and the new content launch this can get fixed, otherwise it’s going to be very difficult to actually test content with constant interference of this kind.

soon the agression at station rule will be phased out once ccp change testing system to sov one

You can use /moveme to find a system away from 6-C that have the same market.

This does nothing to solve the issue at hand: There is no moderation on SiSi - which is being taken advantage of by those who are more interested in griefing than testing new content.

Beyond that, there is no way to reach out to receive support, other than these forums - which is a very slow, and inadequate state of affairs.

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