Lady Melisande Galena wants to insert a TCMC into a freedwoman

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( ( Khumaak) Spiky Mace)

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Best idea ever.

(Lasairiona Raske) #43

Isn’t it just?

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@Lasairiona_Raske I think I am going to need refills :smiley:

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@Nauplius again you have no proof of what Lady Melisande Galena what do with a friend of hers.

However you have bragged about your methods in the past which was the liberal use of TCMC’s and VITOC. Are you saying that you have given them up and all manners of slavery for this person?

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:popcorn: I think I am going to need some and a stiff drink.

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Don’t talk about her like she is some sort of victim. She’s willingly shacked up with a man that has tortured and butchered millions of people (and that is not an exaggeration). She has no excuse of ignorance, because she is a capsuleer with easy access to information, and Nauplius never forsakes the opportunity to preach his devilry to anyone that will listen.

This Serena is scum.

Evil should be brought into the light of day, where it can be challenged and defeated. The only distress suffered is by those who support it.

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Betcha you’d try the magic sword, wouldn’t you, Samira?

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I would.

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I am sorry you feel the need to judge someone you do not know. And you’ll forgive my desire to help her, if I can, to see the error of her ways.

(Samira Kernher) #51

She lays with a demon soaked in the blood of innocents. That is enough on which to judge.

(Utari Onzo) #52

Lady Galena, getting so emotionally attached to your former slaves will likely do you no good, such as we can see now.

As a freewoman Serena is able to make her own choices, and one of them appears to be associating with a grave heretic. If it is proven this was not a choice of free will, and instead coerced by other means, then I am willing to change my mind on that.

Sadly, as it stands, it appears that she has seen the door open to her and slammed it shut by her own hand, trying to ‘save’ her now would be an exercise in futility. Heck, even if you were considering chipping her it would not undo her actions.

As my late Uncle might say, she’s a write off. Better to move on unless the opportunity comes up to put her down.

(Pieter Tuulinen) #53

Is there any proof that Lady Galena was actually intending to install said TCMC? I say this because the issue of TCMCs was brought up by ME in conversation with her in reference to this Selena’s actions in seeking out Napkins. I offered up the idea that she might already have had one fitted by HIM - a much more plausible concept, given that he’s actually used them on his slaves in the past.

I find the use of TCMCs far more palatable than Vitoc, other drug-based brainwashing or similar strategies simply because it is more reliable in terms of its causes and effects, but implanting one in anything but an incorrigible criminal who would otherwise have to either be killed or be a waste on the resources of the State as a life prisoner is a terrible crime.

That said, I find myself agreeing with Samira on this matter and it wouldn’t be the first time someone’s been tarred and feathered in the court of public opinion for being seen to abett a monster.

(Utari Onzo) #54

I don’t think she is, Pieter, but as I said even if she were it would do no good.

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The love is the evil, you can fall for a devil!

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Angel or Devil is merely a matter of perspective…

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That’s what I asked.

(Diana Kim) #59

I prefer to look at subjects objectively, and I try to get understanding of things and grow my opinions invariant to perspectives.
Regarding this question, we can just make a statement that being an angel and devil is not mutually exclusive.

Moreover, from my own experience, everyone whom I could, or whom other were called an angels, I can identify as devils myself. In other words, I myself don’t know a single angel, who wouldn’t be a devil.

(Corraidhin Farsaidh) #60

In this we agree, though I think my context may be somewhat different to yours…