Lancer Dreads?

So please tell me im not the only one that is really let down by the skill bonuses on the new T2 dreads? out of all of them the Baine is the only one i seen get really good alpha strike on it with just Dread 4 and no other skills i get 150k dmg. And the bonuses they feel really lackluster to be really called T2.

the T2 nag is a joke. gets ranger and local reps.

T2 Moros gets Hull res?

T2 Phoenix gets just range and tracking?

And the Bane is ok with increase Dmg and ER. but no tank. kinda strange when ammarr is always know for there armor tank.

is there any one else that feels the same all the hype and we got this?

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You need Dread 5 to fly any of them. Yeah I dont give a damn about them other than building them. Matter fact… i dont know anyone that does.

thats not the point of this post

Im saying they just feel lacking for a type of ship that is know for dmg. they are just big tackle with a bigger price tag.

They aren’t for damage though. CCP said it themselves, Navy dreads and normal dreads do more damage. Lancers are there for their Lancer weapon.

thats not the point of this post… lol. They will be used to break tethers and kill many jump freighters. After a certain amount of them are killed as a reward for buying them… this will be nerfed.


Shockingly, the reason your complaining is not the point of the T2 dreads either lol

Its almost like you think that just making a ship T2 means it can’t have its role entirely changed, a T2 dread that was just a dread with bigger damage numbers would be a pointless waste of a T2 slot

From the stream they dont take ships out of tether, it just keeps them form doing so for a time.

Exactly that will happen. Some groups will crunch all the numbers needed for intercepting ships coming out of warp with a well-timed lance-hit at a success rate of more than 90%. Once the concept is confirmed as “working”, we’ll see Lance-Traps on a regular basis, intercepting not only JFs. Not that a good trap wouldn’t be a good thing, I like good traps. I don’t like traps that you simply can neither scout nor evade if they are well done.

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