Laptop for multiple accounts

So I want to get a laptop to dock to a 27” 2K monitor and run 4 accounts at the highest possible settings. I am considering a Dell XPS 15 and a Dell Inspiron 7000 gaming. I lean towards the 7000 because of the better video card but love the styling of the XPS. Is what I want to do even feasible?

I have played eve and all the other games only on laptop.
Seems like both of these laptops could run 4 accounts simultaneously, but adding extra screen to it…
I’m sure with xps u run into some serious heating/throttling problems.

U think why u want this laptop?
Only play games and stay at home, once a year go out with it… Then go gaming laptop, better cooling.

U move around with laptop all the time?
U go with xps, but running games on high setting u better have some good coolpad!

I have a desktop that I play Eve with now, but just looking for something where I could use it for gaming and other non gaming related things. Would sell my desktop so I don’t have to have a desktop and laptop. I also have a 3 year old XPS 13 that has the Intel integrated graphics card but it doesn’t do too great playing Eve unless I tone down the graphics to near best bone.

I am life time laptop user, never had deskdop.
When it goes down to gaming then make sure your laptop will have proper COOLING!

*I also like the style of new XPS15 but I think this thing is not really good for games…

*I would go for 7000"gaming", since you want extra display and run multiple accounts.
It also seems to have reasonable cooling!

Wow man that’s messed up. I was a laptop guy for so long, until i built my first mid range desktop and it decimated every laptop on the planet for a fifth the price.

I actually bought a Dell Inspiron 17 model from MicroCenter on sale for about 800 that game with a 900 series nvidia card. Popped in a m.2 ssd and an extra stick of ram to bring it to 16. All in all only spent $1000 and it runs Eve perfectly with 2 accounts and 3 im potatoe mode

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