I need a cheap laptop to run eve UK. Before people start with buy a pc I already have one but am going to be without it for a couple of weeks so need a little laptop to scout and do other minor things, no large scale pvp just the basics.

Any recommendations would be much appreciated. Want it under £400


Rent one!

Google: London Laptop Rentals



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@Solstice Projekt I guess you just showed him how the eve community over the 16yr I’ve been playing have become a s s holes like yourself well done keep up the great work “Knob Jockey”

Rainbows & Unicorns

There is a minimum system requirements on the eve-o website. Have a read. Now you know.

There is no device in development that would fit your bill. If you add another 1000 Pounds to that laptop you are looking for, you can get somewhere.

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First things first: Congratulations for signing your post.
I guess you’re unaware that your character’s name is written right above it.

Nothing I said was wrong.
Absolutely nothing.

I don’t mind being called an asshole, but in this situation it doesn’t actually fit. The asshole is the guy who shows no regard for anyone and thinks he can use us to not put any effort into doing any research for himself.

Well … and you now.

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I’d agree with elitatwo on the budget, 400 isn’t really going to cut it if you want more than 1-5fps, but adding another £1,000 might be a little much. I believe that a laptop in the price range of £600-750 would be more than enough when used for activities outside of big nullsec fights.

The specifications you’d be looking for is:
CPU: i5/Ryzen 5 - 3GHz or better
RAM: minimum 8GB DD4-2400MHz
Gfx: dedicated graphicscard with dedicated ram. (think most come with a GTX1050)
OS: 64-bit Window 10 or equivalent.
HDD: 256Gb SSD + 1 free slot for expansion (for extra storage space if needed)

Good luck on your hunt :wink:

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Yeah I will not pay that kind of money just to play Eve. Life is being stretched to the maximum as it is. A global recession is inc.

Then your choices are either to not play Eve on the go or to find a used laptop.

Lol, some people are wired.
Thank you for the responses

You should be fine with any notebook that sports a ryzen with integrated APU for graphics.
For EVE and your stated activities a 1050 is already a lot.

It’s not wrong, but it’s not necessary.
I strongly suggest looking at the used market.

Put an extra set of eyes on offers where the guarantee is still valid.

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