Large Scale Gravitation Analysis - results - Inconclusive

After only a few day of data collection, there is already a noteworthy effect.

The number of wormholes in an invaded system is drastically low compared to the average WH appearance rate in other systems: between 50% and 80% (the lack of data prevent me to offer a better range)

The number of wandering asteroid formations seem to be higher in invaded systems

More concerning, the effect seem to unbalance linked system, granted, at a much lower intensity (around 20%).

This effect seem counterbalanced by the presence of Joves observatories that seem to correlate with the number of WH connections.

This results are fitting with my gravitation theory published earlier this year.

One part of this theories is that gravitational waves can and DO spread through WH connections, a second is that the Mass-Energy Ratio is modified in invaded systems, leading to a more “material” part of space time.

If I’m optimistic, here are a non exhaustive list of potential effects:

  • WH connections are increasingly difficult to form;
  • Stargate network unbalances;
  • Increased collision risks between celestial objects

A last note is that the few WH found in invaded systems leads to null sec in 70% of the cases but I cannot use this data as I have a severe lack of source for this exact matter.

On a more personal note (and probably more pessimist view), if the effects are confirmed, other parts of new Eden, as far as null sec, could be impacted in some sort.
but more importantly, it could mean the triglavians will probably launch a second wave of invasion when the stars manipulations are strong enough to break the stargates connections.

With no or very limited means of transportation for us, while having better access to reinforcement from the abyss, they could take over the “missed” target on the first wave.


Did you found any relation between invaded systems and Jovian observatories?

ARC having done extensive researches on the subject, I enjoin you to contact them and/or read some of their very interesting publications.

My researches are focused on the gravitation side of the universe, and from this point, the places where Joves Observatories are seen are also places where the MER is high enough to allow frequent and stable connections.

And with the frequent use of stabilizers by the drifters, it could be that the “weather” of the abyss spread slower, if at all, in those systems.

If my Mass Energy Ratio theory is correct, deploying structures allowing more WH to form could be an efficient “passive” mechanism to limit the Triglavians incursions.

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Sadly, too few data entries were collected.

And as such, we can’t get much further than what I said in the first post.

The fact that Jove observatory increase WH formation sin system seem valid so far
The stellar manipulation of stars by triglavian seem to decrease drastically the WH appearance rate while increasing the number of gravimetric anomalies
So far, it’s consistent with my theory of Mass-Energy Ratio.

I will try to get a better way to collect data, I’m open to suggestions if you have any.

fly safe o7


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