Launcher crashes immediately after start on Windows

Wow! Thank you!

Deleted whole game before I found this threat but your solution works. Thanks.

I can’t find AppData folder for eve, am i missing something?

The AppData folder has a hidden/system attribute, which means by default it is hidden in Explorer. It can be seen if you adjust the options to show all hidden files. (but this will show other system files and is not recommended) It is also in a different location from where you are looking in the photo.

Easier way:

Press Windows key + R

Copy and paste the following exactly:

Then press Enter or click OK.

I hope it helps :slight_smile:

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What a nice colour theme of Windows that is. Very suitable.

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Super appreciate the help & i found the correct folders & tried deleting catch, but same result. Tried Naikum’s idea of deleting everything in %LOCALAPPDATA%\CCP\EVE\ & that also had same result, eve icon just flashes on taskbar for split second before it disappears. Tried downloading second instance of EVE that isn’t on steam, same result. Same with reinstalling either as well.

There was an issue reported a while back where Avast antivirus caused problems for the Eve launcher. I don’t know which antivirus software you use, so I don’t know if the info applies in this case, but I’m mentioning it to give you one more avenue to investigate to try and solve your problem.

You could look into adding the launcher to the Antivirus software’s list of exclusions / trusted software. If it is feasible maybe.

Good luck in your bug hunting and hope you find a solution! :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the suggestion! Unfortunately tried & same result.