Launcher not activating

Recently, starting last night, my launcher stopped appearing upon clicking the application. I have tried clearing registries, reinstalling the launcher, trying to install off the old binaries and nothing works.


I have the same problem. when i click on the launcher it opens but does not appear, but is minimized and updating and working. but i cant see it. I reinstalled but id dint help.

Same problem, can’t find a solution, been playing this game for well over 10 years and now i can’t play at all, i’m very frustrated.

When I click the launch. It pops up but turns black and doesn’t do anything. If I click the black box… It crashes. I don’t want to reset my whole computer and delete everything again to make it work again…

same problem. have tried multiple different binaries, have uninstalled and installed multiple times. still no work around

I also get the same problem. I click the launcher from my start menu and I get nothing… it doesn’t even register as a process started in my task manager.

I’m experiencing the same issue. I’ve tried to download the game from both Steam and the website, and neither version works. The launcher process shows up in Task Manager, but that’s it.

Howdo, just checking in to see if anyone in this thread has been in touch with our support team on this issue? As they may be able to provide direct assistance, and failing that can work with you to acquire the necessary logs and system information that can allow us to troubleshoot and deploy a fix for the issue.

Please get in touch with our GM’s or bump old tickets so we can get as much information as possible.

Your friendly neighbourhood launcher team.

maybe I’m not in the topic but. sent me a letter. I do not know English. Google translator did not translate this letter.

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I went to the British asking who is over 21 years old and who can help me with the translation.? your ISD told me publicly that I am begging. there he is ISD Hazard. I told him that he insults me with such a conversation. I will never forgive anything. Then I went to the Russian chat. there they insulted me for being Georgian and called me an animal. Then I drove through the ass of the mothers of these Russians and your ISD like a bulldozer. then this ccp sent you this letter. GM Arkarian Disturbing Help Channel
Отправитель: GM Arkarian
Дата отправки: 2020.01.21 05:09
Кому: isevisa isevisa,

This is an official warning for Disturbing the Help Channel which is a breach of the Chat Channel Rules of Conduct.

This is an official warning to cease such actions immediately. We want to point out to our valued customers that repeated violations of our EULA will eventually lead to further action being taken against offending accounts, up to and including a termination of the license to access EVE Online. Please take the time and re-familiarize yourself with our policies here;

Should you wish to contest this warning then you may file a support ticket directly from the EVE Online website:

Please do not reply to this mail as it will not receive a response from Customer Support; we may only deal with an issue arising from this matter via the support ticket system.

Best regards,
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